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Is Your Mother a Colorful Character?

In Ireland, Mothers Day is celebrated in March, which is usually a wet and dreary month here, but in North America, mothers are feted in May, a far more colorful month. Why not celebrate with the colors of spring in Ireland?

purple pendantIt’s just a few weeks until Mothers Day in North America. Time to start thinking about how to celebrate mom! Jewelry is a popular choice; it’s indulgent and sentimental. If your mother is Irish, odds are her jewelry box has plenty of sparkly green pieces already. What other colors can remind her of the emerald isle? In spring, Ireland shines with more than just our famous 40 shades of green.

by Amanda Slater
by Amanda Slater

We have some debate in Ireland about when spring actually starts because the Celtic holiday Imbolc is the first of February and considered the first day of spring traditionally, although officially, spring in Ireland begins on March 1st. In reality, it doesn’t feel like spring until we see some sun and traditional spring blooms – yellow flag iris, marsh marigold and buttercup among others. In other words, spring is announced with yellow – warm, rich, golden yellow that shines in the sun – usually in early May.

by rosario fiore
by rosario fiore

Bluebells, forget-me-nots, speedwell and violets also bloom in May, and the Burren region is a great place to view Irish wildflowers. The blues and purples look majestic against the pale gray stone. Of course, simply seeing the blue sky for the first time in months is one of the biggest joys of an Irish spring. Those clear, sunny skies also mean the sea looks bluer. Soon, we’ll start seeing gorgeous butterflies with delicate green or blue wings.

Capture the Colors of Ireland

by Tracey Adams
by Tracey Adams

If you could treat your mother to a spring break in Ireland for Mothers Day, that would be unforgettable. But for most, celebrating your mother on her holiday means a carefully chosen gift that speaks from your heart. Jewelry with designs and colors that capture the soul of Ireland might be just the thing to show her how you appreciate her and the heritage and culture you get from her.

blue pendantWhat shapes, symbols and images make the best Mothers Day gifts? If you are going with an Irish spring colors theme, you can look to traditional Irish images such as the Claddagh and the Trinity knot, or you can go with something more nature-oriented such as tree and flower motifs. Trees are a powerful symbol and remind us of our roots and family tree as well as the ancient Celtic druids’ spiritual beliefs about trees and the Tree of Life.

It’s always hard to chose. If you have a few siblings and want to go in together to buy something really spectacular and colorful, what about the dazzling Mother’s Family Pendant featuring either a shamrock or trinity knot and the birthstones of all of her children? It’s customized, colorful and seriously sentimental.


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