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Mother’s Day 2013

Mother’s the world over are the center of all family life – Moms form the core around which each family ebbs and flows. In most cultures the mother of the family holds a lofty position, however she is especially revered in Irish Families.

It is a well-known fact that Irish son’s are among the least willing to move out of the family “nest” upon graduating to adulthood. Who can blame them? The flip side of the coin is that the Irish Mother’s near saint-like position can also become a stumbling block or obstacle for wives / partners of Irish men who have the unenviable position being brought home to “meet the mammy” or trying to win the man’s heart and become the main woman in his life. It is over 100 years since Freud proposed his initial theories on the fascinating dynamic of Mother / Son relationships, however it must also be noted that when describing the Irish he also said : “This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever”. Whether or not he was being complimentary is for another day!!!!!

Definition of matriarch ( reference : The Oxford English Dictionary ) – noun

· a woman who is the head of a family or tribe: in some cultures the mother proceeds to the status of matriarch
· an older woman who is powerful within a family or organization : a domineering matriarch

Mother's Day

This definition is very accurately describing the role of the Irish Mammy, because she assumes the role of the leader of the Tribe, keeping everyone in line and greasing the wheels of everyday family life. Irish Moms are so unique – they are ‘take charge’ people, they are “fixers” who seamlessly ensure that everything works as it should within our family. The second part of the definition mentions “ a domineering matriarch” is possibly a bit strong ( several daughters in law may disagree !! ) but there is no doubting the influence of the Irish Mother over her flock.

The Gaelic for Grandmother is ‘Seanmathair’ – literally translated as ‘Old Mother’ meaning ‘Wise One’. Family Traditions and old family recipies are passed down through the generations via our Grandmothers and Mothers. It is our heritage as Irish people, is what makes us so unique and we have our Moms to thank for keeping our family traditions and in turn our links to our Irish Heritage alive and vibrant.

Mother’s Day presents us with the opportunity to stand back and acknowledge what all Mom’s in our lives do for us and our families each and every day. Show your appreciation for the Mom in your life this Mother’s Day by selecting an exquisite piece of Jewelry from the ShanOre or Tara’s Diary Collections.

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