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My Celtic Story with ShanOre Jewelry – by Morgan Nicole

“I immediately saw the ring that made my eyes widen in pure want”

The best place to start my “Celtic story” begins with my great-great-grandpa on my Momma’s side. His name was Henry, and he was one of many Irish Immigrants who moved from Ireland to the United States during the last century.

He was a cheerful fellow who taught his grandchildren to sing and always found time to play with them. My Daddy’s ancestors also had Celtic roots. They were Scot-Irish who emigrated to the Delta of Arkansas.

Morgans Great Great Grandpa Henry

My daddy was in the Air Force and had been deployed to Turkey in 2000. On his way back to the States, the connecting flight back home was Shannon, Ireland, and in the brief time Daddy himself was in Ireland, he’ll never forget. Daddy is color blind, and he cannot see green very well. At best, he can only see, as best described, a “yellowish hue.” However, when the plane was over Ireland and made its landing, Daddy could finally see green for the first time! It was clear as day.

“When the plane was over Ireland and made its landing, Daddy could finally see green for the first time!”

He never left the airport due to having to get on with his next flight, but he did visit some gift shops and picked up Momma some beautiful Irish linen and crystal. As for me, a cute little stuffed bear with a cream knitted scarf and cap with “Ireland” embroidered on his right foot. The little bear would later be known as “Paddy” by my four-year-old self.

Morgans Dad after Visiting Ireland

My Celtic Story with ShanOre Jewelry

Fast forward about 14 years, and high school graduation was upon me. My parents said that instead of the “traditional” (and extremely ugly) Class rings that seniors usually get, I could have a nice, timeless ring of my choice.

I wanted something that represented both my Celtic and Southern heritage. Browsing several sites, I could not find anything that was hitting my hot button. That was until I stumbled upon ShanOre. I immediately saw the ring that made my eyes widen in pure want.

Morgans First ShanOre Ring

The Celtic Trinity Knot Pearl ring was screaming my name. It was perfect. This ring was precisely what I had been looking for the whole time, though I didn’t know till I saw it! The pearl so famously known for being a Southern lady’s favorite accessory with the Celtic trinity knot on either side was the perfect combination of both heritages.

This happened over six years ago, and it is just as beautiful as the day it came in the mail. I still get compliments all the time when I wear it.

“I still get compliments all the time when I wear it.”

The second piece I got from ShanOre was the long-awaited Claddagh ring. Being a complete sucker for tradition and symbolism, I had dreamed and waited to receive a Claddagh ring for a birthday or even Christmas. Yet it never came. Taking matters into my own hands, I immediately went to ShanOre’s website, knowing that they would have breathtaking options to choose from, and they did.

All you need to know about the Claddagh Ring

Morgans First Claddagh Ring

The Silver Stone Set with the Emerald Green Cubic Zirconia had just the right amount of color and sparkle to it! Plus, my birthstone is an Emerald, and this ring could not be more of a perfect fit! I always receive many compliments and opportunities to explain the ring’s symbolism (my favorite part of wearing this ring)!

The last two newest additions in my ShanOre collection are the Silver Rose Gold Plated Celtic Trinity Knot Pearl Earrings and the Celtic Knot Rose Gold pendant. They were Christmas gifts from my parents and oh how I adore these! Both compliment all my other pieces so wonderfully.

I especially love the Trinity knot design because, for me, it always represents the Holy Trinity. Faith and my relationship with Jesus Christ are so precious to me. I love finding pieces of jewelry that reflect the things that are near and dear to my heart.

New additions to Morgans ShanOre Collection

My favorite ShanOre piece

If I had to pick an absolute favorite piece, it would be where it all started. The Celtic Trinity Knot Pearl ring, it’s the one that made me fall in love with this beautiful brand. Who cherishes both their craft and customers.

Morgans entire collection from ShanOre Jewelry

I have a bit of a hobby of keeping an eye out for small businesses. I love supporting them, and ShanOre is the cream of the crop. The creativity and quality behind each piece are breathtaking and all at friendly prices as well. Their customer service is fantastic, and it may even give Southern hospitality a run for our money, but you didn’t hear that from me. 😉

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Bio - Morgan Nicole

About Morgan Nicole French

When I’m not shopping around small businesses, you can usually find my nose buried in a good book with a hot cuppa tea, or I’m taking long walks enjoying the fresh air. I am a lover of things from the past, such as classic films and music. Faith, family, and heritage are things that I hold very near and dear to my heart. I am always looking for new, unique ways to display these three in day-to-day outfits! Check Morgan’s Instagram

What about you? What is your Celtic story?

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