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Neart of Croi

How does one have strength of heart? The Irish sure know the meaning of this characteristic. They know what it is like to be bogged down in troubled times or to be distant from loved ones due to times of war or political strife. They also know what it is like to have to endure many hardships due to environmental or financial difficulties, but to somehow still find the resolve to move forward.

It is not hard to find popular Irish sayings and blessings. There are plenty abound that the Celts and Irish have used to get them passed troubling moments. These sayings were used to help offer anyone a glimpse of hope. It is no wonder because sometimes the Irish had to dig deep to find their true strength of heart and fortitude to persevere.

For instance, here is one example of a well known Irish blessing:

Whenever there is happiness
Hope you’ll be there to,
Wherever there are friendly smiles
Hope they’ll smile on you,
Whenever there is sunshine,
Hope it shine especially for you to make each day
for you as bright as it can be.

So even though there weren’t always rays of sun shining down, this blessing encourages that happiness will eventually be found. The nice thing about blessings like these is that they show those who read them and share them that troubled times come and go ,but they most certainly never last. It can be very tempting to give in to the discouragement of rough waters or whatever difficulties that present themselves, but it takes much more strength to have faith that you will overcome this tribulation.


Some of our beads prove these meaningful points. This first one called the Sterling Silver Celtic Strength bead has the ever present word “strength” inscribed boldly on it’s side. Some people enjoy or perhaps need this type of reminder on a daily basis. This is a wonderful bead to give to someone who is struggling with anything taxing or difficult or perhaps whose strength is a source of inspiration to you. It can be nice to look down at so one does not forget what it takes to pull through. The bead has a wonderful combination of gold and sterling silver with the etching done in black.


Another great choice for strength of heart and conviction is the Sterling Silver Green Stone Set Shamrock Bead. This bead is engraved with the word hope which can be just as important for encouragement and lifting the spirits of someone you care about.

No other culture has quite a beautiful way of helping others through trying times as Ireland does with their blessings and poems of inspiration and faith. These beads are a symbol of those blessings so picking one word to wear as a constant reminder seems quite poetic, wouldn’t you say?

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