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New You in 2015

New Year’s Day passed us several months ago, but coming up this week is a different kind of New Year. This one is not an Irish celebration, however, it is an interesting custom.

I am speaking about the Chinese New Year and even if you are Irish, it is still fascinating to look at the year and find out more about you according to the Chinese.

I have seen several people discussing it. For this tradition, predictions are made based on what animal you were born under. For all of us, this is the year of the goat and I wanted to find out more of what that meant and perhaps learn how it can be incorporated into my life.

This pendant makes a striking impression to those who see it. It is our 10 karat gold trinity knot diamond set pendant. The trinity knot is a universal symbol for unity between religious entities. In much of a way, this necklace will keep you close to what matters the most to you in life. And when one has this clarity, it is rather easy to stay clam and contented.



Unfortunately, we do not have any goat shaped jewelry on this site. But, the goat does mean that a period of calmness and gentleness can be brought into the lives of yourself and those around you. When I think about what symbol or type of jewelry gives me a piece of calmness and delicacy, I picture a necklace.

When you think about it, a pendant is around your neck which is a very crucial area of your body. It is vulnerable to injuries and when something is worn around it, people usually see that item first as you approach them. What you chose to wear around your neck gives people a sense of what they can expect once you get near them. Pieces that depict serenity or things that are truly special would be remarkable choices.

All of the pendants here at Shanore are Celtic or Irish-inspired. Clearly if you choose one, then you are already saying that Irish history means something to you. And even if you aren’t Irish, you can greatly appreciate the handiwork and symbolism of this Irish jewelry.

This week another culture is celebrating a New Year while far removed from the republic of Ireland. It is still noteworthy to pause and wonder what the celebration means to you. If after that reflection, you feel more appreciative of what you do have,  than perhaps the year of the goat has already begun to bless your life. Happy New Year!

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