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November Birthdays Treasure Topaz

Tantalizing topaz is the birthstone for those born in November.  Loved by the Russian czars, topaz is a rich, dazzling shade of gold not far off the color of some of the brilliant leaves still clinging to trees.   

sl90tz-claddagh-birthstone-ring-novemberNovember is the first month of the Celtic year.  The Samhain bonfires have burned out and the celebrations are over.


Any visiting spirits have returned to their own world.  The harvest is in, and it is time to settle in and enjoy the rewards of last year’s hard work.  November is a time of coziness and home, delicious hot meals, a time to recall fond memories and make plans to create new ones.

It’s time to light the fire, and if your birthday is in November, it is time to don your radiant, rich birthstone – topaz.  The November birthstone is a deep golden yellow, as bright as the flames in the hearth and as eye-catching as the last brilliant leaf clinging to an otherwise bare tree.

by Barbara Walsh
by Barbara Walsh

Some groundbreaking performers have birthdays in November: Art Garfunkel (5th); Leonardo DiCaprio (11th); and Whoopi Goldberg (13th).  Besides their November birthstone, they share another trait; each brings a unique presence to the stage or screen.  They don’t remind you of anyone because they are so completely themselves.  Does that sound like anyone you know with a November birthday?  Someone with a spirit as bright as a flame deserves the gorgeous glow of topaz jewelry, especially topaz jewelry with Irish motifs such as the Claddagh and Celtic knot work.

Topaz’s Warm Glow Dazzles

by James Saunders
by James Saunders

Topaz’s glowing, warm color looks like honey.  It’s the sparkle of a turf fire reflected on a glass of hot whiskey on a winter night.  In November, the sun stays low in Ireland as it casts a special topaz glow across the fields and bogs.  Emerald peerlessly represents the vibrant green of our rolling fields in spring and summer, but a topaz gem set in a Claddagh or a Celtic knot reflects the glowing yellow and orange of an Irish autumn and winter.

In a season with less light, we need to make our own.  Wearing something bright and beautiful to celebrate your birthday and your Celtic heritage gives you radiance.  In Imperial Russia, only royalty wore topaz.  But this isn’t Imperial Russia, and if it’s your birthday, you are royalty for the day.  A sparkling gem catches the eye and lightens the spirits on a dark day.  Topaz’s color is close to gold, so in a silver setting it really pops.

Is there a special woman in your life with a November birthday?  Someone you want by your side for lazy evenings in front of the fire?  Why not let her know what a gem she is with November birthstone jewelry with an Irish design?  A Claddagh ring or pendant with topaz or a delicate Celtic knot with a stunning stone shining in the center is a beautiful way to say how you feel.  The Claddagh design represents love, friendship and loyalty, and Celtic knot work has no beginning or end to symbolize eternity.

by Gery Parent
by Gery Parent

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