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November Giveaway: Win a Claddagh Birthstone Ring

This giveaway is now over. The winner is Pat Thorngren. Congratulations, Pat! Thanks to all those that took part this month. The December giveaway is coming soon!

See the ring here:


We’ve got great news

for those of you who love the Claddagh! This month’s giveaway prize is a Claddagh ring with the birthstone of your choice! (pictured below is November)

clad novThe ring is sterling silver with the beautiful birthstone centrally located inside the heart, beneath the crown and on either side of a pair two hands.  Our Claddagh rings symbolize Love, Loyalty and Friendship and are perfect treasured gifts for birthdays.

We’ll be running this all month on our Facebook page and blog. Here’s how to enter:

  • +5 entries if you “like” shanorecelticjewelry on Facebook
  • +2 entries if you comment on our Facebook post
  • +2 entries if you Tweet about the giveaway
  • +1 entry if you pin an image of the giveaway on Pinterest
  • +2 entries if you follow Shanore on Pinterest
  • +3 entries if you leave a comment in this blog post

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway runs from November 6th to the 28th, and the winner will be announced a day or two after on our Facebook page and also on this blog post.

The best of luck from Shanore!


  1. We were married in November – so it would be great to win this ring – especially since I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring a few years ago.

  2. It’s my birthday on the 26th of November, and I would love to win this one with my birthstone to replace the one I lost many years ago

  3. I am so in love with the significance and meaning of the claddagh. The hands around the heart means friendship & togetherness, the heart for love and the crown for loyalty. My momma always said, “The true meaning of the claddagh is that a true love and friendship will reign above all else for an eternity.”
    My fiance bought me a claddaugh for Christmas and the someone stole it after he passed away. We put him to rest wearing his claddaugh. I have never been able to afford another one, so with all my heart I am truly hoping to win this ring that means so much to me.

  4. I love this ring. I would love to win this for my daughter we are rebuilding our relationship after many years of trials and heartache on both sides. She is a November girl.

  5. I love the style of the ring and the colour of the gem is beautiful, this would replace the ring my kitten chewed during the night and the stone was lost, dont worry the kitten is now 8 years old so no harm was done there

  6. The Claddagh, has been around for many years and stands for many powerful things we all want in life, the color of this ring enhances the look and feel, and it would be a pleasure to wear it.

  7. Being a November baby and proudly bring Irish I would Love to add this ring to my collection. I am obsessed with claddaghs, I even have one tattooed on my back in honor of my grandmother

  8. I’d like this ring, to give to my girlfriend.
    But, I want the green stone in it .
    That’s her favorite color.
    Even if it’s not her stone,
    She wants the green one.

  9. These are so pretty! I’ve seen these rings everywhere growing up and occasionally now. Given my heritage, I would love to show off my inner Gaelic! Even if I don’t win it, I’m thinking about getting one…

  10. My father’s side of the family is from Ireland and Scotland. My newlywed husband gave me a Claddagh at our wedding 2 years ago. It’s very lovely but since we are with limited funds, he couldn’t afford a good quality ring. This would be a wonderful gift to win.

  11. i had a ring just like this and lost it when i lost so much weight it fell off when we was at the park looked for hours and never found it broke my heart first gift my late hiusband gave me

  12. The jewelry on this site is beautiful. I haven’t seen anything I don’t like! It’s one of my favourite “likes” I have chosen. I am wishing for a piece of this jewelry for Christmas. I can’t wait to show my husband!

  13. Your jewelry is impeccable! I was so excited to find your site through Facebook because I have always been in live with the Claddagh ring and Celtic jewelry. I had a birthstone one as a child but it got lost and I have never been able to replace it. This would be wonderful!

  14. the the jewelry that is being posted. When funding becomes available, there are SEVERAL rings that this person will be getting. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  15. I had several celtic pieces of jewelry stolen from me last year, and this would be a great replacement for the ring my mother had given me

  16. I love the claddagh ring! And your jewelry is so beautiful, I’m from Miami but I spent four months in maynooth, I always wanted a claddagh but this one is so beautiful

  17. I would like to win this beautiful ring in actually the green birthstone color it’s so fitting with it being a Claddagh ring and because my ancestors are Irish. I had a Claddagh Necklace in which my brother got me in Ireland many years ago when he was in the service and it was my favorite piece of jewelry until it broke so am hoping to win and making this ring my FAVORITE jewelry item

  18. My man was going to buy an engagement ring, he has had a few strokes these past 2 weeks, just been diagnosed with moya moya disease. I fell in love with this man at 15, we were so in love, were separated by force at 16. We found each other again 25 years later, time stood still. We are planning to marry next year on Nov 15th. I would love to present him with this ring for him to give it to me 🙂

  19. I have never seen any other Claddagh rings as beautiful as the ones shanore has. I would love to win this ring because I can get my sons birthstone or my own. I think I would pick his. I broke my ring years ago and never found one I really liked to replace it. And my birthday is coming up so that would be nice.

  20. I have absolutely never won a single thing in my entire life! I’m going on 60 and this ring would sure be my first and best thing ever won!

  21. As I am part Irish, my great grandparents came from County Cork, I love these rings. They are the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, and I used to own a pawnshop.

  22. I have always had a soft spot for anything Celtic… I have a Celtic cross tattooed on my neck and one of my favorite things to listen to is Celtic music………. LOVE IT!

  23. My daughter’s birthday is this month. She is turning three. I would love to get a ring with her birthstone to wear for her, and hopefully give to her when she gets older. 🙂

  24. So pretty this is similar to what we wanted to do for my wedding ring, but just couldn’t do it at the time. Still would love to have one.

  25. I would love to win this birthstone pendant because it’s my sister’s birthstone. She died and I raised her son. Would be like she is always with me. TY

  26. Would love to win the October birth stone for my daughter, who is living in Spain. I know she would love to have something so Irish to wear with pride 🙂

  27. My birthday was on the first of this month. I love this ring and would like to win this. This would be the perfect belated birthday gift I could receive.

  28. I’d like to give it to a friend as a Christmas gift; a friend who has always supported me in everything I do. A friend who deserves some glitz and glamour!

  29. I would love to have this with my husbands birthstone or our anniversary stone. In June of this year ,the night before our 41st wedding anniversary my husband suffered cardiac arrest and passed two days later. I lost my original wedding band years ago and for the last 14 tears have been wearing a silver claddagh ring made in Ireland in its place…but it is getting very worn and no longer has much detail in the hands….would love to replace it.

  30. I am going through a Breast Cancer scare right now. Something like this is just what I need to give me the boost I need to get me through this! It’s so beautiful….ans it’s symbolism means so much to me 🙂

  31. I love all things Irish and would love to win this for myself but I would also love to give it to one of my daughters – but which one!? Lol.

  32. My only daughter was born 2days after my birthday and my birthday is April fool’s day so the diamond one would be so perfect for me.

  33. I just married the love of my life and we are expecting our first child. It would be wonderful to have something to give to her when she comes of age.

  34. i wore my plain silver claddagh from ireland so much i broke it and now im just wearing my class ring with a black onyx stone, i would love to win a gorgeous ring like this!

  35. i would really love to win this ring the last claddagh i owned i had since i was 10 or 11 and i had it all the way up til a few years back when the stone fell out of the setting i still have the band in the jewelery box as a momento and am hoping to win a new one to wear again 🙂

  36. One week to go!! I keep coming every day in hopes to boost my chances and share Shanore. The site is a gift and the jewelry and history should be shared whether I win or not.

  37. I have always loved the claddagh and have a tattoo to prove it. But I would love to be able to wear a claddagh ring, especially since I just found out that I am part Irish! I never knew!!

  38. Would love to win this for myself, for a change! And as I approach my 30th Birthday in April it be a nice present to soften the blow of not been in my 20’s lol

  39. Have always wanted a claddagh ring. My guys aren’t real swift when it comes to picking up on the hints I give them. Would be wonderful to win this with a ruby stone.

  40. 1 day left. Waiting on pins and needles. I know its only been a little over 3 weeks, but it seems as if it has been a lifetime to me!LOL! Don’t get me wrong, I will truly be delighted for anyone that wins such a treasure, but would surely get up and do a happy dance if it were me!haha

  41. I much prefer silver jewellry over gold and this is such a pretty ring, I would love to win it for myself as I don’t often buy myself jewellry, due to lack of funds, after buying for the rest of my family x

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