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October Giveaway: Win a Claddagh Heart Set Ring

The winner of the October Shanore giveaway is Mary Silverwind. Congratulations Mary. You’ve won our Claddagh Heart Set Ring. We’ll contact you by email to get your details. Thanks to all those that entered this month. Watch out for the November giveaway coming soon!

From a red-headed hubby obsessed with everything Irish/Celtic to Kymberly Pray who’d wear it, heart out, to “get the word out” of her singleness to Kathleen who openly admits to a growing obsession with Shanore (admitting to a problem is the first step, K):

“The more I see your beautiful jewelry, the more I want it!”


We are once again giving away a Claddagh!


Introducing the Claddagh Heart Set Ring. Sterling silver with a heart accent of alternating green and cz stones, this Claddagh has a band inscription of “Love, Loyalty, Friendship.” Just in case you need a refresher.

We’ll be running this all month on our Facebook and blog. Here’s how to enter:

  • +5 entries if you “like” shanorecelticjewelry on Facebook
  • +2 enteries if you comment on our Facebook post
  • +2 enteries if you Tweet about the giveaway
  • +1 entry if you pin an image of the givewaway on Pinterest
  • +2 enteries if you follow Shanore on Pinterest
  • +3 enteries if you leave a comment in this blog post

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The giveaway runs from October 2nd to the 27th, and the winner will be announced a day or two after on our Facebook page and also on this blog post.

The best of luck!



  1. Would love to win it so I could give it to my best friend for Christmas, and to also say thankyou for supporting me through my pregnancy

  2. I could easily spend the mortgage payment on this website every month, but I think this one is my absolute favorite. It’s such a unique take on the classic design. Good luck to me 🙂

  3. The first piece of jewelry i owned as a little girl was given to me by my mother and it was a Claddagh ring. She explained what it meant and it was always special to me. It’s worn down through the years and is much too tiny for my hands now but I’d love to upgrade to this piece it’s so beautiful and green is my fav color!

  4. I love it! I love all your jewelry I’ve seen! I’ve been looking for a special claddagh ring my moms was passed down to my daughter when she passed, this one would be perfect!

  5. I really want to win the October prize, the Claddagh Heart Set Ring since my birthstone is an emerald and I love what a claddagh signifies. Besides, your jewelry is fantastic!

  6. I adore the colour of the stones in this ring. This girl from Castlebar in County Mayo (three generations back) would love to own this ring.

  7. I’m the one with the red-headed hubby obsessed with all things Irish/Celtic…who actually posted before the October contest began! Liked on FB, commented, shared, following on Pinterest, shared on Pinterest. Love seeing your beautiful jewelry!

  8. I’ve always worn claddagh rings since I was a little girl. My mother used to give them to me as gifts and she’d buy me a new one every time mine broke. My last one has been broken for quite awhile now but I haven’t been able to afford to get another one. I would absolutely LOVE this gorgeous ring.

  9. I just love this design. I’ve never seen a claddagh that looks so elegant and classy while still keeping all the traditional feel.

  10. This ring is so gorgeous! My mother and I have matching trinket Claddaughs from Ireland in 2001, and I’d love to gift her with this, this christmas to show her that she’s still the best mother in the world. <3

  11. This ring is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to win this ring because not only is my favorite color green, but my grandpas birthstone was emerald, and he was Irish. Every time I looked at it I not only would be reminded of his menory, but I know I would feel closer to him, having something like this to wear every day

  12. Me and my mum are massive fans of Claddagh jewellery. I know that she would absolutely love this so entering as a surprise for her 🙂 xXx

  13. I would love to win this beautiful ring as for many years I have always wanted a Claddagh heart ring as my mother wears one and it always brings her luck and looks lovely on her finger,I don’t normally like rings but this one is just so beautiful and I would be a right show off with this on me finger

  14. I think this is one of the most beautiful claddagh rings I have ever seen! I would use this ring to renew my husbands and I’s wedding vowels! =)

  15. Since I have been to ireland i love the jewerly and sometimes I wish that I lived in that time… I really enjoyed my time in ireland and wish that I had more time to visit and explore… it was a beautiful country…

  16. Well to begin my name is Yvonne Kathleen and Oct. 8th is my birthday so yes this would be a wonderful win. having Irish in my family this fits well.

  17. I saw your Facebook page and I just love your jewelry. I can’t believe how lovely it all is. I have shared this will all my friends and I hope that I win one of your lovely rings.

  18. As I am of Irish heritage, (my great grandmother) traveled from Ireland to America, I would be so thrilled to win this ring. I would wear it proudly!!!!

  19. I’m married to an Irish man, and I’m Italian. I always made sured that our daughters new their heritage. When visiting your store it was so beautiful. Everything was so eye catching. I felt very peaceful walking around because everything you looked at you were drawn into for so long. Especially the jewlery, all the jewlery infact. The colors, markings, shapes, designs, the clarity, pictures do no justice. I can’t wait to go back. Simply beautiful.


  20. My grandmother left me a Claddagh ring, but It slipped off my finger and I lost it quite a few years ago, winning this would certainly make up for that loss.It is such a beautiful ring.

  21. I have been looking at Claddagh rings for awhile, but this one just grabbed my attention because of the color. Green is also my favorite color. Would this also be for sale (In case I actually don’t win :))

  22. Love all of your jewelry. Unfortunately I am not in a financial position to purchase all the items I would like. Wish I had know of your company prior to April 2013 we were married and had to buy our celtic rings from another site. Maybe for our one year anniversary my Husband will purchase me a piece of Jewelry from your site. Regards, Gail

  23. I have been helping my son look for a Claddagh ring for his girlfriend. I have to say in all honesty that this is the prettiest ring I have found!

  24. your jewelry is amazing! i want one of everything. i would love to win the claddagh ring because ive actually been looking for one for a year now and havent found one that i like. that changed once i saw your page!

  25. I would love to win this ring! I’ve been married 5yrs I don’t have a wedding ring or engagement. If its Gods will I will win!!!!

  26. I’d love this exquisite Celtic Claddagh Ring with it’s beautiful green stones – it’s stunning!! Loved n shared on fb & twitter – Fingers crossed xx

  27. I love….love….love your jewelry! I’m Irish and have always wanted a Claddagh ring, but have never been able to afford one. I would sooo love to have this ring. 🙂

  28. Hello! This is a beautiful piece of jewelry! I would love to own this Cladddagh ring because of what it stands for: love, friendship and loyalty! I had a gold ring like this a long time ago but I lost it at my work and never found it again and never replaced it again! I would be thrilled to have this piece once again! Thanks! 🙂

  29. I would love to win this to be my wedding ring, as it matches my engagement ring and we are finally getting married on October 19th after being together for 16 years!

  30. My original claddagh ring that my grandma gave me from her honetown, limerick city, broke from too much wear, and I would love this….

  31. ive always loved irish jewelery and four leaf clovers and things since i was a little girl. my younger son was even a st pats day baby in 2012! what a co-incidence 🙂 this is a beautiful ring! 🙂 if i won this my partner could give it to me for a wedding ring when we get married, what a perfect ring 🙂

  32. This has to be fate, I’ve been hinting at my hubby about buying me a new claddagh ring for our anniversary next month. But it’ll prob go in one ear and out the other. Would love to win it 🙂

  33. I am of Irish ancestry and love the claddagh symbol. This month’s ring is beautiful and I am sure it would look fabulous on my hand! I will have to show my husband this web site and then drop some hints about Christmas gift ideas.

  34. I would love to win this ring I lost a unique one years ago and this one is unique with the stones, just what would be nice to replace it with.

  35. I’m Irish and this ring is beautiful. I definitely will be sharing your jewelry link with my friends for future purchases.


  36. absolutely a beautiful Claddagh ring.. my daughter would love this as a christmas or graduation gift .. I would love it as a birthday/anniversary gift ( both are in October.. the 6th and then the 15th)

  37. My daughter, Julie had her birthday on Oct 4th, She was born on her “Irish” Papa Dugan’s birthday. 33 years ago. Because Julie has always been a small petite little girl I have always called her my little leprechaun. This summer I have been off work and for the first time have not been able to get her a birthday present. This stunning Claddagh ring would make a perfect (belayed) birthday gift for my Little Irish leprechaun. Thank you for this chance and hope for the luck of the Irish.

  38. This is so beautiful! I would like to win this because emerald is both of my children’s birthstone. This would be a lovely reminder of my family.

  39. I love anything that deals with celtic and think that its beautiful. I am part irish and have always had a fascination with anything that deals with it. I would like to win this to give to my daughter. I hope i win as this would be cool since ive never actually won anything and she would love it. She thinks this ring is gorgeous.

  40. I love the meaning behind the claddagh
    With this crown I give my loyalty With these hands I offer my service With this heart I give you mine Always and ever my love ever true Always and ever shall be my love for you 

  41. Hello, I have never owned a Claddagh ring or any type of jewelry that was Claddagh, especially such gorgeous pieces!!! You think I would have gotten some sort of Claddagh jewelry seeing how I was born on St. Patricks Day!!! All my life I have wanted to visit Ireland because from pictures I have seen over my life the countryside looks so beautiful like no other, just breathtaking!!! I think I deserve such a fine piece of jewelry as this finally for the first time in my life!!! Thank you for the chance to do just that!!! <3

  42. I am in so much trouble finding your site. The last time I had a Claddagh ring it was bought for my boyfriend. He died before I could give it to him. I’ve been wondering when I would want one again. I would so love this. I want everything I see here. but this has always had so much meaning to me. And the world would see I am single and know it. I am turning so many people on to this site!

  43. I’d love to have the beautiful ring pictured at the top of the page! I’d also love to have a birthstone pendant as mentioned in the “Leave a blog comment” entry opportunity…..;-)

  44. I collect claddaghs. I think they message they convey is beautiful and heart-warming. I even have one tattooed on my arm, with a purple and yellow rose on either side.

  45. What a gorgeous ring! I am in love. And it’s my birthstone! I’m so happy to have found your website…I look forward to buying from you in the future

  46. I would love to have the spring my husband bought me my first claddagh a for our 10th anniversary back in 2004. last year I had to have surgery on my elbow and since then I have not been able to wear my wedding rings or my claddagh and we are quickly coming up on our 20th I would love to have this ring not only is it a symbol for my husband and I for our marriage and what it stands for but it also carries my birthstone.

  47. I would love to win this beautiful ring , It would be a reminder of my homeland Ireland and the green stones are the color of my Birthstone May Emerald , Beautiful!!

  48. My mother adored my ring and at 82 what else could I say but please mom take it and wear it.
    I need another one, please, this one is so lovely.

  49. Beautiful classic ring…and my favorite gem. Just a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear everyday. And, I am I.B.M…..Irish By Marriage 🙂

  50. I love this ring. I would like it to be able to wear it in memory of my mother. Her Cladagh was a highly prized possession and gave her much joy.

  51. These are simply stunning, and emerald is my favorite stone ^.^ I’ve never found a Claddagh ring I was really fond of til I saw this one…. I love it!

  52. I absolutely love all of your jewelry! My fiancé got my engagement ring from Shanore and it is gorgeous! I could not ask for a more stunning ring. 🙂 I think we need Celtic wedding bands to match!

  53. I would love to have this ring. I am Irish and proud of it! Also, it is my birthstone as well. It is simply beautiful!!!! Here’s hoping I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  54. THIS is a fabulous claddagh ring… if I won this, I would give the one I have now to my sister, Molly… who really wants it! AWEsome jewelry on this site…

  55. My first claddagh piece came from my current love. I reciprocated by giving him a new claddagh ring for his birthday. Your pieces are beautiful and I will certainly seek the next addition from your collection. This piece is definitely on that list!

  56. Oh Goddess Bless!!! These rings are THE MOST GORGEOUS I have ever seen! I am Irish and have looked for Celtic rings around where I live….NOTHING compares to these! I wish I would have known about you when I got married a couple of years ago….although, we do have an anniversary coming up soon. Might have to hint to the hubby about these! 🙂

  57. This is my daughter’s favorite type of ring. She hasn’t talked to me in a year now. I would love to win this ring to send as a peace offering to her. I miss her so much.

  58. The Claddagh is a classic symbol that captures the essence of its Irish identity. Neither the style nor the sentiment ever grows old.

  59. Just gorgeous! I’ve been given two claddagh rings in my lifetime and, believe it or not, both were stolen (at the same time) during a visit to New Orleans! I keep saying I’m going to replace them but I was always told they should be given as a gift rather than bought for oneself! So this would be perfect. 🙂 And the green accents are beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  60. I’d love to give this to my daughter for Christmas. She has married an Irishman and is rediscovering her own Irish heritage. She would love this.

  61. I would love to win this ring, because no matter what the size it is, my mom-in-law, daughter, and myself have May as our birth month, & one of us will fit it, and all of us will love it, and love the significance behind the Claddagh. My daughter and I are of Irish descent, and my mom-in-law would appreciate getting something from us that is part of our heritage, letting her know we are here for her, as she lost her hubby of over 50 years just a year ago, my wonderful dad-in-law, & still mourns him.

  62. My daughter and I LOVE this ring. She has been asking for a claddagh ring so she can wear one like me. I would give it to her for her birthday coming up soon.

  63. I received an birthstone ring for my birthday when I was 12, and wore it constantly. When I was 17, I lost the stone, and have never found a replacement. This would be perfect!

  64. I’ve always been fascinated by my Irish heritage and want to visit Ireland soon. When I saw this jewelry on FB I was just drawn to it, it is so pretty!

  65. I would love to have this as I had a claddagh from my nanny over 35 yrs ago and it was stolen maybe 27 yrs ago. This would make such a nice memory ring of her. she had 10 brothers and sisters and came from county cork.

  66. OH…………………….MY GOSH! This ring is SO GOSH DARN BEAUTIFUL! I would have a FREAKEN’ HEART ATTACK, then SCREAM, then tell everyone I know, and then sing with the radio, if I won it! I also liked and shared!!!

  67. This is the prettiest Claddagh I’ve ever seen! It’s also one of the prettiest rings I’ve seen in a while. I normally don’t enter contests to win jewelry, but I had to enter this one!

  68. I have always been fascinated by claddagh rings. I think they are beautiful and elegant. This ring represents me because I come from Irish heritage and my birthstone is the emerald. I also just love unique jewelry, especially Celtic. I’d love to win this ring! I never enter giveaways but this one is worth the try

  69. I would love to win this because about 3 years ago my house got broken into two weeks before christmas and the theft stole all my jewelry including all my Claddaghs. I had many one of kind claddaghs that I have not been able to find or replace. It would mean the world to me if I won.

  70. I would love to win this because I had one years ago and it broke. I really loved it and still miss it. I have never been able to find another one that really spoke to me and I really liked before until I discovered this site. There are a couple here including this one that are my absolute favorite and never seen any others like it. I hope that this one will end my journey of looking for the perfect claddagh ring.

  71. This ring is stunning, i told my hubby how gorgeous this would look on my hand.. seeing that i am irish and have the light skin and freckles to go a long with it

  72. I love all things Irish! With a name like McLaughlin, how could I not!? I love the symbolism of the Claddagh and would wear this ring proudly to signify not only my heritage but to remind me to be a better person by living out what it stands for…love, loyalty and friendship! Gorgeous setting!

  73. My Grandmother had gotten me a small one when she visited Ireland and I lost it. I have always wanted to replace it and my 20th Anniversary is coming up. It would be a great gift. It is beautiful.

  74. I love this. I’m a redhead and love emeralds. I’m Irish through my maternal grandmother. I’m also single, so I’ll be wearing it ‘heart out.’

  75. I love jewelry but have a hard time finding items I would actually wear- this is definitely one of those pieces! What a lovely, unique ring.

  76. thank you so much for the chance to win this stunningly beautiful ring. I would never take it off, if I won it.
    I had Irish ancestors, and Irish jewelry and Irish mementoes have a special place in my home.

  77. I would love to win because I lost my original that had for many years and I just got a new claddagh Alex & Ani bracelet it would match with great!!!

  78. I would love to give this ring to my daughter. She is always curious about our heritage and this would be a wonderful, tangible example.

  79. I absolutely adore this ring! It is designed perfectly and really has a lot of meaning. I am Irish and have always wanted to own a ring like this. Ive seen a lot of claddagh rings but this is the prettiest by far!

  80. Never thought I would get to see Ireland…and I made it this “Year of the Gathering” 2013 to stand on the shores of Galway and look across the ocean … the city from which the Clauddagh with my daughter. I would love to have this beautiful ring with its inscription to give to her this Christmas to remember her rich Celtic heritage.
    Just a wish!

  81. This is such a beautiful ring that displays the heart of Ireland. The green mesmerizes as you glance at it and the hands are comforting around the stone. Anyone who has one of these fine pieces of jewelry should be lucky for it is an honor. I would love to have one for all the days to come and wear it with pride…

  82. I’m Irish and just love anything with the Claddagh, I have one Claddagh ring and would love another, this would be perfect!

  83. I would love to win this ring because I have always thought that the Claddagh represented 3 things that I hold dear. Love, Loyalty and Friendship. The quality of this ring is very good.

  84. I’d love to be able to give this to my new son-in-law to be,,,
    to give to my daughter for their wedding, she’s an Irish young lady and it would be fitting for her to wear an Irish wedding ring.

  85. This ring is beautiful and represents my family’s Irish heritage. It is who we are…. friendship, love, loyalty.
    I would love to give it to my daughter and keep passing down our history, heritage, love, and happiness for generations to come! <3

  86. My mother bought me my first Claddagh. She told me it’s meaning. Explained that we were joined at the heart, because she also wore one on her pinky finger. I am one of 5 girls. One of other sisters was given the same ring. We both suffered from low self esteem. This is something my mother thought would help build us up. The odd thing is 37 years later, my sister and I are still the best of friends. I eventually had 3 children. But, only 1 daughter. She was also given a Claddagh. When she was engaged last summer, her and her now husbands rings were beautiful Claddagh’s bought off this site. She then entrusted me with her very Claddagh for future granddaughters.

  87. I adore this ring. It would mean more to me than I could possibly post in one comment. The Claddagh ring is very special to me, not only because of my heritage, but because it connected me and someone that is no longer here. He was buried with his Claddagh and mine was stolen a few years ago. I have felt like something was missing since. Still trying to save to replace it. Such a gorgeous ring and with so much meaning.

  88. Love, Love, Love this ring, Emeralds are my birthstone and come with lots of Celtic/Irish heritage for me! Hope I win it, it would be cherished always!

  89. this is perfect for my daughters upcoming birthday!!!! Having just traced our family tree, back to Ireland, we are both very interested in carrying on the traditions.

  90. I love this I have always wanted one but I know it bad luck to buy your own so I never got one :-/ and on top of its my favorite color. I don’t think there is any of your jewelry I don’t like!

  91. In early 2009, I found my “natural” family. I had no idea my roots were deep in Irish culture, Patterson! I have really enjoyed reading and learning about my roots and now know why I have always loved green, cloves, and the music…I am Irish!! This ring would be worn with pride and would announce to everyone…I AM IRISH!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  92. Absolutely Beautiful!!!! Would love to win this for my daughter. She has been through so much that I think this would be perfect for her.

  93. Beautifull just like your whole range. Love Claddagh as it symbolises my relationship perfectly. would be the pride of my hand if I was fortunate to win such a ring

  94. Absolutely beautiful! I smile every time this pic pops up in my FB feed. I don’t know what it is about this ring, it just makes me smile!

  95. I absolutely adore this ring. I had a Claddagh ring up until late last year, when someone broke into my house and stole all of my jewelry. It had a black diamond for the heart and 3 white diamonds in the crown. i’d love to be able to replace mine with this one.

  96. I’d love to win this ring because I love Irish Heritage. My husband’s family came from Ireland and I love the meaning behind this ring. I had one but my 13 year old daughter loves it and has started to wear it. I’d love to have this one to replace the one I was wearing 🙂

  97. I would love to win this beautiful Claddagh ring. October is my birth month (23rd) and my Scot Irish roots LOVE anything and everything Celtic. I can only wear sterling, not gold, and green is my favorite color. I and glad to have found another online Celtic store too !!!

  98. This is quite possibly the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. I’m Irish and I wear a Claddagh all the time.. but not like this one. I’m so jealous and yet so happy for the person that wins, because my goodness that’s a beautiful piece you’ll own, my dear. I love it.

  99. This is a very gorgeous ring. I would love to win this ring not only because I am proud of my Irish heritage, but because it would make a wonderful present to give to my Mother. She’s always wanted a pretty claddagh like this and my Father has yet to get her one. I know she would wear it proudly.

  100. Wow, this ring is so beautiful. Being Irish, it would mean holding (wearing) some of my heritage. Being an openly addicted jewelry maven, I would be overjoyed to add this to any of my fingers. I would love to be able to pass along something as beautiful and meaningful as this to my children.

  101. So many beautiful things so little time. Love everything!! Best place to shop for my family and friends and leave hints to my hubby so he knows where to shop!!

  102. I really want to win this so I can give this ring to this super sweet girl I like. The symbology of the claddagh represents what I love about her.

  103. Thank you for the chance to win this ring. It is beautiful and really captures the spirit of the Irish History. My husband and I were married on St. PAtrick’s Day 1996 and instead of celebrating Valentines Day, we have also from day one declared St. Patrick’s as our day to share our love with a bag piper and a green dress. thank you once again.

  104. This is gorgeous – I love the stones and I’ve always loved claddagh, for as long as I’ve discovered them. I love the look & the meaning behind it.

  105. My 70th birthday is Friday 10/25/13 and I am 1/2 Irish heritage and would love to win this ring for my birthday.
    Phyllis terHorst

  106. Tis me birthday, it is true; an it would grand to have this lovely ring on me own hand, though my name has changed to a German man, that is strong and true, he is. Me own da, twas Irish through and through, could drink any man under any table, and had the gift of the blarney stone stuck to his tongue he did. God rest his soul. So if you would be kind enough to let an Irish lassie ha a wee bit of Irish to wear upon her hand to enjoy and know that tis truly an wondrous bit of Ireland that I be lookin at – twould warm my own very heart an soul. Lord bless you! ♥

  107. I am 1/2 Scotch/Irish and this ring has my eldest’s birthstone and as she is preparing to finish Law School this December I would love to reward her with this ring to show my love, support and undying friendship for all her hard work. She paid for Law school all by herself, sometimes working 2 jobs + internships and she deserves something beautiful to remind her of not only her heritage but of her success as well. Thank you for considering me…

  108. Love Celtic Jewelry and it has been so long since I visited Ireland and fell in love with the country and people back in 1974!! Would love my first piece of celtic jewelry to be a piece from you!

  109. Since my birthday is on Halloween this would make a very nice gift for me, It is awsome and it would look so nice on my finger,, So as a suggestion to the company you could let me win for my birthday,,,

  110. While living in the great melting pot of America it is easy to forget ones heritage. All the beauty, history and passion of living that encompasses our Irish blood are embraced by this collection.

  111. My Daughter has learned the three meanings of each, this would be the perfect Christmas gift for her to Cherish the Families Irish Heritage and pass it on to her children in the future to keep it alive. <3

  112. I love what the Claddagh represents. This is a very beautiful ring and I just adore anything Celtic! Thanks for the chance at winning it. I would be proud to wear it anywhere!

  113. I would love to win this rings, it is my birthstone and the only stones that are I wear are emeralds. My wedding ring is even an emerald. I also love the meaning behind this rings.

  114. Love this site!! Wish I would have found it when I was getting married….this would have been THE place to get our rings. Maybe anniversary????

  115. Wow I have seen a lot of claddagh rings in my time, but the photo of this one is beautiful. I once wore for a day a claddagh with a big heart shaped emerald. This may not be as expensive, but it is a much nicer style.

  116. Love that this ring isn’t like all the other claddaghs I’ve seen. I gave the one I had away and would love to have another. This one is beautiful.

  117. I have ALWAYS wanted a lovely ring just like this! A perfect prize to celebrate getting out of the hospital and celebrating my 57th birthday!

  118. my daughters are considered irish twins and have exchanged rings over the years…they currently both dont have one and i would love to change that with this beautiful ring… for my girls born in my 23rd year <3

  119. So happy to have found this site with such beautiful choices of Irish inspired jewelry!! I visited Ireland many moons ago and it still resonates in my heart and mind. The people of Ireland touch your heart and soul!

  120. Due to a economic dip in which our funds were very love, I had to help my love- by selling away my wedding rings for the cause, it would be lovely to have this ring as a replacement to my bands that I gave in love, to wear this ring in love as well..I would also probably get on of your other bands that would go well with it – so that it would make a fine set – I can’t wear silver – tuns green on my finger, so I must wear gold, ah well, tis sad I am.

  121. these rings are very popular i use too have one when i was young girl and one day it disappeared and i’ve been so heart broken without mine

  122. I found your website by playing a ‘Facebook” game. The timing was great because I was looking at other Celtic jewelry via search engines.

    I believe this is a sign to purchase from you!

    Lauren Hall

  123. Love the fact that the Claddagh Heart Set Ring has different meaning depending on which way the heart is facing, which hand you are wearing it on and who you give it to.

  124. I would love to win this item because it’s apart of our ancestry in our family. I am both Irish and Scottish and I know it comes from the Celtic Irish side and the story of the ring is just beautiful and my claddagh ring has bent badly id love to have a new one.

  125. I would love to win this ring because it’s really beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win such a gorgeous piece of jewelry!!!!!! Good luck to everyone who enters!!!