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Outfitted For May Bank

In the first week of May, Ireland natives get the joy of having a three-day weekend called May Bank Holiday weekend.

This is like the Memorial Holiday in the U.S. where for the first time since wintertime do folks get the chance to relax and enjoy the ever-increasing warmth outside.

Although, we aren’t quite there yet, it is definitely something to look forward to. Currently, out friends in Ireland are just daring to venture out more since the official beginning of springtime has arrived.

This means more outdoor dining versus clamoring up inside pubs and restaurants. This also entails attempting to have a go at other activities like picnics and strolls in the new, but limited sunshine.

However, once this chilly transition subsides, Ireland will be left with much more sun and exposure. On the May Bank Holiday Weekend for instance, a festival takes place as a kind of kickoff to the revelry and spirit of summer. The event I am referring to is Vantastival.

This year, this music and art festival transpires May first through the third. This event has been running for six years now and is based off of several things. The first is a love of Irish music and the next important aspect is what you bring to it. And in this way, I mean your home, family and friends.

People bring their vans, campers  or even tents to the grounds in Bellurgan Park, Co. Louth. Just this year they have added one amenity, boutique camping, where music lovers can rent out a cabin with several splurges that can make tent-life seem less inviting for an entire weekend.

Whatever your view, it seems Vantastival was founded out of a goal to have groups of families and friends gather around to enjoy the outdoors during a great holiday and while they were at it, bring back a bit of nostalgia with vans and other transports.

Tickets are priced for camping on site and vary depending on the need.

And seeing that this opportunity comes only once a year, make sure it is one you will remember for long afterwards. Wearing a lovely necklace that has Irish inspiration is a great way to enjoy the cozier weather while appreciating the arts. This Celtic Silver Pearl Rose Gold Plated Pendent is a beautiful way to say, “Welcome spring. I will kick back and enjoy it!”


For a great video that gives a sneak peek of what to expect at Vantastival, please see below.

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