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How to Pack for St. Paddy’s Day

Ever wonder what to bring with you for St. Paddy’s? Here’s how to create the perfect day bag.

St. Paddy’s day is a day to celebrate a wonderful saint. Spirits are alive and in full force because the day has become synonymous with Ireland. No matter where you are in the word, March 17th is a day that is 100% reserved for all things Irish. Pride is not hidden and revelers wake up with an inclination to want to savor the entire day.

A pendant like this is great for St. Paddy’s and for celebrating Ireland!

Typical activities for the holiday include eating, drinking and parades. There is no end in sight for the kinds of things you can bake, cook and eat. Traditional dishes like cabbage and corned beef, shepherd’s pie and Irish soda bread are ideal, Irish dishes. As for drinks, green beer and Irish whiskey are particular favorites for the day. Outside of what is edible there are plenty of parades and fanfare.

For ideas of where to catch a great parade in your area check out local listing or cities nearby where you live. If you are in or near Ireland, there is the St. Patrick’s Festival which is great fun! You’ll want to bring plenty of warm clothing and even something for wearing in the case that it rains. If you can find items in green then all the better!

500Adding a little bit of extra dazzle to your uniforms for the day makes it a bit more fun and personal. Try green or Irish-themed beads or even jewelry. Something like this Emerald Set Celtic Knot  design cross would be wonderfully suited for St. Paddy’s.

Don’t forget to bring your camera so you can capture all of the excitement for the day. Take photos of yourself with family and friends while enjoying the unique surroundings. Sometimes, you can even make your own poster that represents your favorite things in Ireland or your Irish roots.

You can opt to all wear the same symbol352 signifying your family heritage. Perhaps, everyone in your group can wear a claddagh or a cross. This stone set shamrock necklace would be a great item for multiple people. Having this jewelry represent something this special will always serve to be a fond memory for you and all the wonderful times that you spent together with your relatives on such a festive day.

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