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Celtic Jewelry for the Man in Your Life

When you are casting about for a beautiful, meaningful Christmas present for the man in your life, it’s easy to overlook jewelry.  We see so much beautiful, delicate jewelry for women that it’s easy to forget there is also plenty of very masculine jewelry for men.  Men have always worn jewelry.  It isn’t a new […]

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The Viking Look

The arrival of the first Viking raiders in Ireland in 795 AD led to profound changes in culture, architecture and so much more.  Many of Ireland’s cities including the capitol Dublin began as Viking settlements.  The Vikings did eventually assimilate.  They merged and blended in with the Irish.  And as they did, they influenced everything […]

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November Birthdays Treasure Topaz

Tantalizing topaz is the birthstone for those born in November.  Loved by the Russian czars, topaz is a rich, dazzling shade of gold not far off the color of some of the brilliant leaves still clinging to trees.    November is the first month of the Celtic year.  The Samhain bonfires have burned out and […]

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Irish Engagement Rings with Celebrity Style

Are you planning to propose to your leading lady?  She’s the star of your life, so why not get some ring ideas from some iconic superstars?  ShanOre has crafted some dazzling Irish engagement rings that put a Celtic twist on some celebrity styles. Diamonds might be girl’s best friend, but she might like something more […]

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