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A Celtic Ring Mount for a Treasured Stone

Something old and something new.  Have you considered that your engagement ring could be both your something old and your something new if it is a new ring mount featuring a treasured stone you already have? While some people are perfectly happy with a plain gold wedding band, have you ever heard a woman say […]

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Who Got Away with the Irish Crown Jewels?

More than a century later, we are no closer to knowing who stole the Irish crown jewels.  One man’s life and career were ruined by the theft, but was he an innocent scapegoat or a legendary jewel thief? The prep work preparing for a visit from higher ups at work is stressful for anyone.  Colleagues […]

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Discover the Irish Connection to Pearls

While North Americans are savoring nature’s display of stunning beauty as the leaves turn color, Irish minds are anticipating oyster season.  While slurping raw oysters isn’t everyone’s cuppa, no one can dispute that oysters produce something intensely gorgeous – pearls. In North America, leaves are turning brilliant shades of red and gold.  People flock to […]

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Get Tempted by Tourmaline this October

Celebrate October birthdays with bright, brilliant colors to rival the autumn leaves.  October’s birthstone is tourmaline, a charming pink, and the flower is marigold, a joyful orange.  It’s the last month of the Celtic year, leading up to Samhain, aka Halloween.    October is a month of glorious color.  It isn’t winter yet.  It’s more […]

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Aleksandra Ladygin takes a look at the Shanore Tree of Life Bracelet

I want to share with you with my new lucky elegant charm which represents the source of life for me! However i say always i don’t like expensive jewelry, i like jewelry with meaning. It  not only looks stunning but carries a deeper significance as well. I’m seeing more and more symbols and references to […]

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When Is the Perfect Day to Propose?

The Christmas holiday season is a popular time to propose.  If you’re one of the many people considering popping the question under the mistletoe, now is the time to start preparing. Before you start pondering how exactly to pop the question, you want to make sure the answer is going to be yes – and […]

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