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Shame Endured by Females Who Were Only Half Responsible

Two hundred years ago, if you were a female and you were unwed and pregnant, that could have been cataclysmic to your livelihood. Have the current times changed much for the better? Adoption is a beautiful thing. Today celebrities travel thousands of miles to places like Africa to adopt needy children. There almost seems to […]

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Homophobia Kills All People, Not Just LGBT

There’s been alot of talk going around after the slaying of nearly fifty people in Florida this weekend. Most people are horrified, upset and shocked at what has occurred. What are your thoughts? I am experiencing many emotions in regards to the shooting in Orlando. But, surprised sadly, isn’t really one of the things I’m […]

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Fasting in Ireland

Religiously motivated fasting used to be a regular part of mainstream Irish life. Never quite as widespread or popular as feasting with the general public, religious fasting is still a strong tradition for one community in Ireland.  Once upon a time, part of the excitement of St. Patrick’s Day was that it usually fell during […]

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Cities That Draw People In

A local Irishman discussed making the huge transition from Ireland to big city U.S.A. What is the biggest move you’ve ever made? Richard Gilligan is a talented photographer who started out taking pictures of what he loved: skateboarding. That is how it usually begins for aspiring types, at least, that was my experience as well. […]

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Mothers Align No Matter What

Can you imagine being adopted by your actual mother who had chosen to hide the pregnancy? One man has lived this and gone on to share his extraordinary tale. Tim Brannigan is many unique things. For starters, he’s black and an Irish Republican. What that last part means is that he is part of the […]

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Signs That Deporting a 7-year Old Has Gone Too Far

Do you read the fine print when taking a chance on a seemingly great idea?  This family learned the hard way. The Brain family are of Scottish lineage, but grew up in Australia. They called it home. In Australia, it has been heavily publicized in recent years that Scots were encouraged to return to the […]

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