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Take Our Short Questionnaire And Enter Our Best Ever Giveaway

We need your help… We’re always looking to improve the quality of the stories we produce for you. We want to make sure you’re receiving engaging, insightful and useful information. With that in mind we’ve designed a short questionnaire (below), which we’d love for you to complete. It’s very short, and it should take just […]

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An Engaging Valentine

For those who want to make their Valentine’s day one to remember by proposing to their beloved, then please read the following. It also helps if you: a.) want your relationship to be about your Irish background, b.) want it to be romantic and c.) want to pick something extra special and one of a […]

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A Cutting Edge Irish Designer History Almost Forgot

The 1920s were a time of revolution in the arts as well as in politics.  While Ireland was battling for freedom from Great Britain, on the continent artists were battling for freedom from old forms and aesthetic values.  One of the leaders of the Modernist movement in art is too often overlooked, perhaps because she […]

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Who Was St. Valentine

How much do you know about the Saint named Valentine. Did you even know that the day set apart for love and admiration between people was named after a saint? What do you know of the man commonly referred to as Saint Valentine? Saint Valentine was a Roman priest in the very early A.D. period. […]

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Seven Secret Wonders Hidden Away in the Irish Midlands

Fore lies some distance from the town of Mullingar, close to the larger village of Castlepollard in County Westmeath.  It’s a part of the country that tourists tend to speed through, but it’s ideal for those who want a quieter, more serene glimpse of real life in rural Ireland.  The ruined Benedictine monastery once housed […]

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Resolve to Evolve

With the New Year comes new resolutions. People commonly see the beginning of a 365 day span as a chance to start from scratch. Routine resolutions involve losing weight, getting into shape or quitting a bad habit. However grand the idea may start out, many resolutions don’t last very long. It is not so easy […]

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