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Ireland- A Golfers Paradise

Ireland is not called the Emerald Isle for no reason. The rolling hills and beautiful scenery of green are also full of beautiful golf courses. 350 eighteen hole courses cover the country. While some are hidden in suburbia, others are next to wonderful natural sites. Some of Discovering Ireland’s favorites include Portmarnock Gold Course in […]

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Property for Sale

Ah Ireland. It is beautiful and tranquil. It is filled with so much history that is almost hard not to absorb it all. For those who reside in the Republic, they may be used to their surroundings much like I was accustomed to the French and Spanish architecture of New Orleans from the 1700 and […]

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Building Confidence #2—Positive Self-Talk

One pillar of being a successful Irish dancer is confidence and positivity. After quoting Willie Nelson in saying “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you’ll start having positive results,” Irish dance teacher Ariel Bennet give advice on how to build self-confidence. She says the fist step is to recognize you’re having negative thoughts […]

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