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Ireland’s Other Saints

Ireland is widely hailed as the land of saints and scholars. People around the world celebrate Irish culture on our most famous patron saint’s feast day. Patrick isn’t our only patron saint, however. We also have Brigid. But this small island has produced far more saints. Patrick and Brigid are our patrons and most famous […]

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5 Most Romantic Places in Dublin

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, everyone tends to focus on the saint’s connection with Dublin. Whitefriar Church contains one of his relics. So it is a definite must-see if you are taking a honeymoon or romantic break in Dublin. But that isn’t the only romantic spot in the city; indeed it isn’t really the […]

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Imbloc: Early Ireland’s Spring Festival

Many Christian holidays are grafted on to the dates of pre-Christian celebrations. The feast day of St. Brigid, Ireland’s other patron saint, is on February 1st, which is recorded as the date of her death. But St. Brigid wasn’t the first Brigid venerated here, and Irish pagans were celebrating on February 1st long before our […]

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Cad Is Ainm Duit? Irish Baby Names

Naming a baby is an incredible experience. It’s fun, and it also carries enormous responsibility. We talk about ‘baby names’ but parents are picking out a name that this new little person will probably have for life. It will go on the top of their school homework, driver’s license, job applications and countless other important […]

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Women’s Christmas – an Irish Tradition

In Ireland, Christmas is not over. Here, we make the most of the season. Office work slows well down in December. While retail and service sector staff are busy on Christmas Eve, most people have the day off. And pretty much everything closes for Christmas Day. But lift doesn’t go back to normal on the […]

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Live from Newgrange, Solstice 2017

Newgrange passage tomb in County Meath’s Boyne Valley is arguably Ireland’s most amazing site. Built in the Stone Age, it predates the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge. The site gained UNESCO World Heritage status in 1993. Newgrange is ringed by 97 large stones, many of which are carved with intricate designs. The entrance stone is […]

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