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Paltry Paul Ryan….Just Paltry

Paul Ryan is in the news for sitting on the fence and for being one-hundred percent cowardly. What is your opinion of this man?

In the last few months Trump, the infamous, has made the U.S., presidential election more of a spectacle than a legitimate ground for intelligent discussion. He has mocked cornerstones of democracy and has done everything in his ability to knock progress and reform back into neanderthal days.

At what point have the drones of America who support Trump thought long enough to realize that this is an act, albeit a disturbing one. Has anyone who supports him stopped for just long enough to realize what they are really endorsing? My guess is no.

I think alot of people don’t want to admit what he really stands for. I think many people get away with backing him by citing things like affiliation.

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This year, I’m really starting to question this long-held American belief. It may be as old as apple pie, but recent accounts of voter tampering have me doubting alot of familiar, U.S. institutions.

One man is just that type of person. Paul Ryan has openly admitted that he sees Trump making statements that are blatantly racist and days after making that astute observation, he publicly supported Trump while hiding behind party lines.

Oh, ok. I see.

In this move, one that I would call stealthy-sneaky and not at all new to politics, he says that he backs Trump because he supports the Republican Party. He prefers Trump over Hillary. I guess that is what this is all about then.

I guess his responsibility as Speaker of the House is about going with who was picked and not questioning that candidate despite some very apparent shortcomings. Maybe Ryan should have made sure that the nominee was respectable enough beforehand that he would actually want him or her to represent the Republican Party, not the other way around.

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The way I see it, all candidates, no matter what, should agree on the basics about what it is supposed to mean to be an American or they shouldn’t be candidates at all.

You see, I’m many things. I’m part Polish, Irish and Welsh. I’m Caucasian and female. Those are my party lines.

That doesn’t, however, mean that I automatically will agree with what a Caucasian group or females might deem as appropriate. I don’t even agree with feminism, even though, I am a female.

It doesn’t mean that I’m all on board if a group that I’m familiar with does something unjust. My family of origin did some pretty unfair stuff, for instance. And even though family means the world to me, I choose not to endorse them.

If my job required that I accept racist behavior and condone it, I would not publicly recommend them.

For those reasons, I find Ryan to be weak. It’s not an easy thing to do, to break away and I cannot respect someone like Ryan. The SOH is unable to do things that I have done.
His choice ultimately will lead to alienation and more harm to good people; American people.

The fact is that whether you are a republican, democratic or independent supporter, no one in the world should ever openly endorse a candidate who is obviously racist or displaying visible signs of wrongdoing. This person should especially not do so for a country that was founded on freedom and equal rights. Everyone has the power to turn away from racism and to say no to those who promote it. That’s why they call it America.



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