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Peek into Cupid’s Workshop

Valentine’s Day is only two short weeks away and Cupid is working very hard to make sure that you have a wonderful gift for your valentine. If you aren’t so sure where to start than that is what a peek into Cupid’s workshop is for. He wants to make sure that you make the right choice!

For those of you looking to get a nice gift for someone that you are dating then Cupid suggests something like a bracelet or a pair of earrings. Some wonderful choices from his workshop include this stunning Silver Claddagh Bracelet with 14K Gold Plate Heart which makes a lovely first Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie. This bracelet is very sentimental, delicate and understated enough to show how much you care and it does include a heart.


You can never go wrong with earrings and these can be given to just about anyone. You can even give them to your mother or sister or even a colleague, neighbor or friend. The nice thing about earrings is that they are platonic, but are still a nice and warmly thought out gift. You can however still give them to someone you are seeing romantically for Valentine’s Day.  A good choice for the first category being a platonic gift would be the Celtic Silver Trinity Stone Set Earrings which are a retro design with a trinity knot design in a spiral. If you want an earring more suitable for your sweetie, Cupid would suggest anything like the Celtic Trinity Stone set Silver Earrings that include dangles. This earring in particular has a delicate green shaped heart stone at the bottom of the earring which suggests love.







Finally, for the most serious Valentine’s Day customers, Cupid reserves the most well thought out options.  If you want this to be a surprise for your valentine then Cupid suggests that you find out a few things first like whether or not she prefers yellow gold or white without giving away your surprise. Next, find out what her favorite color is and if she wears jewelry, what colors does she typically wear in rings or stones and use that as a guide to selecting the perfect engagement ring for her.  In Cupid’s workshop there are some rings that have only diamonds and some with colored stones as well so you will want to know which she would prefer. Lastly, you will want to know what kind of cut she would like in a ring and again you can ascertain that from the kinds of jewelry she is seen wearing. Does she wear round stones or rectangles for example? Once you gather all of that info, then put it together and you will find the right ring here for your valentine. Otherwise, if you don’t want it to be a surprise, you can bring her to the workshop and look together.


For example, a valentine who likes round stones, prefers white gold and wears green a lot would probably really like the Emerald and Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring.  It’s that simple.

Cupid says you just need to be very observant and you cannot go wrong this Valentine’s Day. If you really love your darling, and you probably do, you will make her supremely happy with one of the selections from Cupid’s workshop guaranteed!



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