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When Is the Perfect Day to Propose?

The Christmas holiday season is a popular time to propose.  If you’re one of the many people considering popping the question under the mistletoe, now is the time to start preparing.

diamondBefore you start pondering how exactly to pop the question, you want to make sure the answer is going to be yes – and that part has nothing to do with how you ask or how dazzling the diamond engagement ring is.  A surprise proposal has a bit of magic about it, especially around Christmas. But the idea of getting married to you shouldn’t come totally out of the blue to your beloved.

Try to have some general conversations about your future together that include some important questions about the future.  You can also initiate questions about other people’s weddings and marriages – either friends or celebrities – to suss out how your partner thinks about marriage and how and when people know they are ready.  Don’t be afraid to be direct.  You can even ask if your darling has any life goals to accomplish before getting married.  Once you’ve had enough conversations to feel confident, it is no harm to drop a few hints and gauge the reaction you get.

Popping the Question at Christmas

ruby trinityRecent research shows that the Christmas season is the most popular time to get engaged.  Facebook has reported that the end of the year is when the most people change their relationship status to engaged.  British events planning company Chillisauce.co.uk released a survey last year that showed about a third of male respondents cited Christmas Eve as the ideal day to propose.  Christmas Day, Boxing Day (St. Stephen’s Day), New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day also made the top ten.  The responses from women were similar with Christmas Eve coming in third.

Autumn is the time to start sounding out your partner about what kind of proposal she thinks is most romantic, what ring styles and gems she likes best and whether she’d prefer to select her own ring.  Would a classic solitaire diamond be her best friend?  Or would a romantic, red ruby set her heart a flutter?  Perhaps she’s swoon over a sapphire?  If she’s Irish, an elegant emerald might be perfect.

emerald claddagh

If you want an engagement ring that says something about your roots and your relationship, Irish and Celtic engagement ring designs make a beautiful statement.  The Claddagh ring has a romantic history, rich in symbolism.  The heart represents love.  The hands are for friendship.  The crown above the heart symbolizes loyalty.  Celtic knot work usually has no beginning or end, making it a beautiful representation of eternity.

sapphireIf you are lucky enough to have found someone you want by your side for life, this Christmas season might be the time to propose.  Before you start planning the details of how you will pop the question, step back and take some time to consider your beloved’s point of view.  After all, that consideration is the foundation of a solid marriage.

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