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Perfect Irish Wedding Bands

ShanOre has a reputation for traditional and award winning Irish jewelry. This is because Ireland is such a romantic place and one that so many people wish they could be a part of.

From the research I have gathered, many people escape to Ireland to get married whether or not they are even Irish!  It is such a beautiful country and the people are so extraordinarily friendly that it is an ideal location. There are castles and picturesque scenes along with bed and breakfasts tucked away in the countryside for couples to partake in. Ireland offers so much to those looking to make a life together which is why the Celtic symbols as seen in our jewelry were even created.

The symbols embody what you see in the landscape, people, and culture of Ireland and what couple would not want that in a lifetime together? (love, loyalty and friendship)

What is very versatile and multifaceted about two of our featured wedding bands here is that they are not solely for the purpose of wedding bands. They can also function for everyday wear as well.

First off we have the Ladies Silver Claddagh Celtic wedding Ring which features the ever present Claddagh symbol from ShaOre which symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship. The band is sterling silver and is very simple and classic in it’s elegance.  We also feature this wedding band for gentlemen with the Gents Silver Claddagh Celtic wedding Ring, also in sterling silver.







The other feature band that we have is the Ladies Silver Celtic knot Wedding Ring which is also a band made entirely of sterling silver. Again, this band is for those looking for something very simple and classic. This silver band is also a perfect ring for everyday wear as it features the Celtic knot design. We feature this ring for gentlemen as well in the Gent Silver Celtic Knot Wedding Ring also in sterling silver.







Remember that either of these rings are suitable for friends or as wedding rings. We purposefully keep these rings in a fashion to where they can be enjoyed by many people who enjoy Irish symbolism whether they are making a grand commitment or not.


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