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Perfect Pendants for Mom

We all love our mothers. They brought us into this world and gave us life. There is no better way then to show our appreciation to our mothers then by singling out a special day each year and this year that day is Sunday May 11th, Mother’s Day.

We have all been accustomed to giving mom a card and taking her out to eat or perhaps making her breakfast in bed. However, there is a more perfect gift for mom that she can always cherish. When you think about it, mom will eat breakfast and then it will be gone. She will read the cards you give her and probably keep them, but once out of her sight they will be forgotten. Although these gifts mean a lot to a woman and yes to a mother, there are some gifts that will mean even more and that is why we have the mother’s family pendants.

When you really think it about it, these gifts are a no-brainer. They reflect everything a mother is and always wanted to be. They reflect where she was when she gave birth as in the birthstone month. She will recall the month or the time of year and even the time of day when she brought life to her kids. This will bring her back to when her child or children were born and that is what being a mother is all about. Before you know it when you comment to a woman, “Oh what a beautiful necklace you have on,” you will be fifteen minutes into a conversation about how proud she is of her kids and where there are now. You will have forgotten how the conversation even started. That is what this necklace is all about.








The Mother Trinity Pendant  is sterling silver and is customized to fit your needs. You pick the number of stones to fit the number of children or however many you consider your own with as few as one and up to six birthstones. In the center of this necklace is the Celtic trinity knot which is said to represent the past, present and future. All of the birthstones are claddagh designed with the crown, hands and heart surrounding them. Our other selection is The Mother’s Shamrock Pendant. The same beauty that applies to our trinity pendant applies here with one exception. At the center of this pendant lies an exquisite shamrock rather than a trinity knot which serves as a beautiful reminder of Ireland especially if you are of Irish heritage.

In essence these pendants symbolize what being a mother is all about. They are about bringing a child into this world. They remind you of why you wanted to give birth to one in the first place and they allow you to trace their steps from the very beginning to the present day. Even if some of your children are no longer here, it is a beautiful reminder of what life they did have and honoring their presence even if short lived.

It is a beautiful gift. Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs of the planet. So in short, make sure you give something amazing to your mother this Mother’s Day and try one of these pendants for her to adorn. She will be sure to love it almost as much as she loves you.

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