Mother's Birthstone Pendant: The Perfect gift for Mom

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Claddagh Birthstone Mother’s Pendant: The Perfect gift for Mom

The perfect gift guide for a meaningful and special Mother’s Day Gift

Originally posted on Apr 14, 2014

We all love our mothers. They brought us into this world and gave us life. Therefore, there is no better way to show our appreciation than by singling out a particular day each year, and that day is Mother’s Day.

We are all accustomed to giving our moms gift cards, taking them out for a meal, or perhaps pampering them with a skincare date. However, if you are looking for something more meaningful and personal, these gifts may not be the go-to option.

Options are limitless, especially when talking about Birthstone Irish jewelry. So, in this guide, we will walk you through the best Irish pendants to gift the mother in your life this year. From Trinity Knot to Tree of Life pieces, you can find something thoughtful and timely.

A Meaningful Token of Love in the shape of a Claddagh

A gift should reflect what the person means to you or what you mean to them. Our Birthstone pendants reflect everything a mother is and always will be. Similarly, they reflect everything she means to us and more. The birthstone necklace is personal because it uses her birth month as well as her children or her grandchildren.

The pendant has the option to add from 1 stone all the way up to 6 stones. In other words, you can insert any birthstone of your choice into the pendant making it unique to your mother. Each design has a delicate Claddagh that’s interwoven into other ancient Celtic symbols such as a Trinity Knot, Shamrock, or Tree of life.

A Meaningful Token of Love in the shape of a Claddagh

These pendants shine bright with the love she has for you. In addition, it is bound to take her back to when her child or children were born. It also reminds her of every moment she cherished as a mom and will be a constant reminder of the love she has for you. So let’s explore the perfect token of love.

The Trinity Knot and Claddagh Mother’s Birthstone Pendant

This pendant is cast in sterling silver, and you can pick the number of stones to fit the number of children or grandchildren. In the center of this necklace is the Celtic trinity knot, which represents the past, present, and future.

The Trinity Knot and Claddagh Mother's Pendant

This is a truly unique piece as it combines two famous Celtic symbols in one piece of jewelry. All of the birthstones have a Claddagh with a crown, hands, and heart surrounding them. If your mom is a faith-oriented lady, this pendant is perfect for her.

The Shamrock and Claddagh Mother’s Birthstone Pendant

The same beauty that applies to our trinity pendant applies here, with one exception. At the center of this pendant lies a beautiful Shamrock rather than a Trinity Knot which serves as a beautiful reminder of Ireland, especially if your mom is of Irish heritage.

The Shamrock and Claddagh Mother's Pendant

Its delicate yet intricate design is a reminder of her ancient heritage and her proud origins. An origin that she has successfully passed on to you. A perfect Mother’s Day gift for the perfect mother.

The Family Claddagh Mother’s Birthstone Pendant

Our Family Claddagh Pendant is one of our newest additions to the Mother’s Birthstone catalog. The Claddagh is an ancient symbol from the depths of Ireland and depicts “Love, Loyalty, and Friendship. ” In other words, also known as the definition of a mother.

This Irish Claddagh is a disc necklace hollowed in the center with tiny hearts and sparkling white crystals. In addition, the tip of the tiny hearts has delicate drops that seat your choice of birthstones. The Claddagh pendant has space for up to 6 birthstones and one main birthstone, the heart of the Claddagh.

The Family Claddagh Pendant

The mother’s necklace is an ideal gift as it’s a stylish piece. In addition, it can even match your mom’s wedding ring, which, if she’s Irish, is most probably a Claddagh ring. If you’d like, you can read more about the history behind the Claddagh and surprise your mom with a handmade card with facts about the Claddagh she might not know. In other words, this could be the most meaningful gift for your mother.

The Family Tree of Life and Claddagh Mother’s Birthstone Pendant

The Tree of Life is an ancient Celtic symbol representing the circle of life. The roots, the trunk, and the leaves symbolize the generations’ past, present, and future. Meanwhile, it also depicts the eternal knowledge charged between ages. The branches are separate yet intertwined as they grow from their shared roots. It’s a beautiful way to represent your family tree and shared bond.

Our family Tree of Life pendant is a stunning gift set that uses sparkling birthstones to represent your family. The branches weave together into a classic Celtic knotwork design, and the dazzling birthstones add a splash of color.

The Family Tree of Life and Claddagh Pendant

In addition, as the birthstones represent your family members, each family tree necklace is unique. It makes a delightful gift that any mom will cherish and wear with pride. As mothers are the roots of a family, this Mother’s Birthstone Necklace is the ideal gift. Similarly, the Tree of Life depicts different values and different spiritual elements. In addition, the Tree of Life jewelry connects us to our most ancient Irish ancestors.

To sum it up

This Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the great mothers in your life. A sweet gift like our Birthstone Collection is sure to be the icing on the cake.

Remember that this stunning gift is sure to take your mother down memories lane and bring up embarrassing stories of misspelled gift cards. So please double-check your spelling before giving her the gift that makes her day.

To sum it up

In other words, you’re bound to be mommy’s favorite if you follow our gift guide. All jokes aside, your mom, who loves everything about you, will wear the birthstone pendant necklace with pride and joy.

Being a mom is one of the most challenging jobs on the planet. So, make sure you gift something extraordinary this Mother’s Day and try one of these pendants for her to adorn. It is a beautiful gift. She will love it almost as much as she loves you.

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