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Pick the Perfect Irish Engagement Ring

You’ve found the right woman, and you know this is it. It’s time to pop the question.

That means it’s also time to find the perfect Irish engagement ring for her. Deciding to propose to your beloved is a huge decision, and planning your proposal involves more important decisions about how, when and where to ask as well as finding the best engagement ring for her.

First, consider whether you want to surprise her with the ring or ask her to pick one out. Both are good options. And of course, if you want to go classic and surprise her with the ring you can do a little discrete research to help you make the best choice. Simply looking at all the options out there can be overwhelming, so it helps to have some criteria. Here are some tips on what to consider when selecting an engagement ring.

Going for the Gold

Choosing the type of gold for the band is a good place to start. If she is a traditionalist, a classic yellow gold should be perfect. But white gold is a great choice if she prefers silver to gold jewelry. This isn’t a strictly either/ or choice. You can also opt for a yellow gold band with white gold detail such as a trinity knot. Because gold is a very soft metal, the more pure it is, the more vulnerable it is. Many people find that 14 karats is the ideal balance. The gold is bright and rich, but not so fragile she will need to take it off to do normal, everyday activities.

The Best Gems for Her

A diamond is classic, but does your beloved prefer a bit of color? Gems make a stunning centerpiece with diamonds on the side, or you can have a splash of color with a design featuring a diamond flanked by more colorful gems. Emeralds are a hit with most lovers of Irish culture and women born in May. Rubies always look right in engagement rings because we associate red with romance and love. Sapphire is a true blue beauty made even more popular by the late Princess Diana’s exquisite engagement ring. Which one looks best with her eyes? The shape, aka cut, of the gem is another choice. It is purely down to personal style and preference.

Motifs Rich in Meaning

If you want an Irish engagement ring, it is the motif that makes it clearly Irish. The Claddagh design is popular for engagement rings because of how it symbolizes the foundations of a happy marriage – love, friendship and loyalty – so beautifully. Claddagh engagement rings can use the traditional structure with the heart, hands and crown in the center, or they can feature the motif on the band. Celtic knots are also fitting motifs for engagement rings. This ancient, distinctly Irish design features entwined lines in designs without beginning or end to symbolize eternity. The Trinity Knot is especially meaningful with its many interpretations. The three points are often used to refer to the past, the present and the future.

With so many options, it isn’t hard to find an Irish engagement ring you’ll both treasure. The real challenge is picking just one from the many gorgeous choices!


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