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Picture Perfect Pearls

Summer time is fast approaching and it is a time of year where photos are in season. Graduations are happening at this time and so are weddings. Other festivities that happen include parties and showers for those closest to you. Whenever you get together with those you love the most you will most likely bring along your Smartphone or camera and with these modern day marvels, we want to make sure that you look your best for that photo opp.

Nothing looks better for a festive occasion than a pearl design on your jewelry and it photographs particularly well. Pearls are the classic item to wear for gatherings because when you look back at the photography of the event you will never wonder what you were thinking wearing that piece. You will most likely look back with fondness and regard because of the pearls timelessness and elegance.

Anyone can wear pearls and pull them off and they can also be worn with most any outfit. One amazing choice with a pearl is the Celtic Silver Pearl Earring. These earrings are made of sterling silver and have a trinity knot as the primary feature at the top of the earring. Beneath the clasps of the knot hangs a pearl almost being suspended from space and air. The pearls have such a lovely shine to them as well as offering a contrast to that of the silver above them make this earring truly stylish and wonderful to wear.


The pearl earring comes with a matching necklace which is just as beautiful as the earrings. Imagine the three paired together. The Celtic Silver Pearl Pendant is also made of sterling silver and features the trinity knot that looks identical to that of the earring. The necklace also features one solitary pearl dangling from the center. It is said that those who display the trinity knots in their jewelry show others just how important they feel it is to discover their own self worth as it is to discover the outside world.

A final precious pearl for wearing is the Celtic Trinity Knot Pearl Silver Ring. This ring would masterfully complete any outfit. It is made of sterling silver and on either side of the ring there are two trinity knots propped up to hold a lovely pearl in the center of the ring.


All of these items feature the trinity knot which is a wonderful reminder to anyone embarking on a important mission or passing in life on how they could keep things in the right frame of mind for their futures. They also contain pearls which again, photograph brilliantly and never age. These pieces make wonderful gifts for your friends and loved ones or if you are planning on attending some summer occasions then these make the perfect accessories. Wherever you go, don’t forget your camera and remember,”say cheese!”

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