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Pragmatic Tips for Preparing to Propose

Are you having your own summer of love?  Maybe as you’ve been enjoying romantic picnics, lounging on a beach together or just barbequing with friends, you’ve started to imagine your future together stretching out over many years, decades…a lifetime.

If you’ve decided that she’s the one, and you want to propose, it is natural to feel at least a little nervous.  After all, it is going to be a moment you’ll both remember forever.  All your friends will ask about it.  And with the over the top prom invites that were flooding social media just a few months ago, you might be feeling the pressure.  But don’t panic.  If you take the time to think ahead and plan, you can devise the perfect proposal for your love.

Location, Location, Location

The first question is whether you want to propose somewhere private or public.  Proposing in public doesn’t have to be a big public ask over a PA at a sports event.  Parks and restaurants are public.  Consider how much control you have over the environment.  You can explain that you want a secluded table because you are planning to propose when you make a reservation at a restaurant, but you can’t stop a Frisbee game at the beach.  If you want to propose at a place special to you that might be full of people, you can plan for a time when not many others will be there.  Few people play Frisbee on the beach at sunrise!  If you are thinking of proposing outdoors, keep an eye on the weather forecast.  You might want a Plan B location or date in the event of stormy weather.

Engagement Rings 101

The big question here is are you going to choose a ring and present it to her or will you propose and ask her to pick out a ring herself.  You’ll need to know a bit about diamond rings either way, and if you want to present her with a ring when you propose, you’ll need to do a little research to decide what will delight her.  You may have heard the old adage that your engagement ring budget should be equal to three months of your salary.  The key word there is ‘old’.  Better advise for today is to consider what is comfortable for you and not worry about what anyone else thinks of the price tag.  Feeling nervous about proposing is normal.  Feeling anxious about going into debt for a ring is not.  (So don’t go into debt!  Plan, save and set a budget that is comfortable for you.  Give up a few luxuries for a while, but don’t go without essentials.)

You have probably also heard about the four Cs for choosing diamonds: cut, clarity, color and carat.  Carat will influence the price, as will clarity.  For these two, look for the best available in your budget.  Cut and color are a matter of personal preference.  This is what you’ll need to research to pick the perfect ring.  Listen carefully to what she says about her friend’s rings.  Make some comments about them yourself and see how she reacts.

The diamond is not the only thing that makes an engagement ring stand out.  You can give her a ring rich in sentimental symbolism.  Irish Claddagh rings are a traditional favorite.  The heart represents love, the hands friendship and the crown loyalty.  While the traditional ones are solid silver or gold, you can find beautiful jewelled ones perfect for an engagement ring.  But the Claddagh is not the only option.  Celtic knotwork engagement rings are stunning and also symbolic.  The knots have no beginning or end to symbolize infinity and eternity.  A Celtic engagement ring is the perfect way to say you want to be together forever.

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