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Praying for a Miracle? Perhaps, Take it Up with Saints

When you really need help, who do you turn to? Have you even considered if you have a patron saint?

Have you ever had those moments where you needed to call on something or someone? These times are usually reserved for the moments when we are most afraid or apprehensive. During these times, we usually find ourselves alone with no other soul to talk to. So, who do you turn to?

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You might be surprised to find that you are not alone in your moment of need and that answers might lie in requesting aide from the unknown. There are probably millions of people out there just like you who talk to someone who isn’t even there, when they are afraid. They may ask for a little bit of help, a nudge or maybe a clear sign that they have been heard.

I have done this many times. Some examples that pop through my head are right before going on stage, while driving in inclement weather and even before I board a plane. I usually just make myself known that I am attempting to connect with the spiritual world. I hope they hear me, although there is never really any clear way to know if they do. Perhaps, the only definite way to know that your needs are known is based solely on one’s faith.

842There are many times when I will make a promise to be more in touch with those things that are out there. Yet, with a busy life and the modern-day world, it is so very easy to forget or become distracted. After all, these aren’t things we see everyday are they? It’s not like we have a saint sitting down with us during our breakfast. We cannot see them like normal human beings, so a typical exchange is something we cannot get.

Maybe this is where being atypical helps. Understanding the spirit world as something that is far from tangible, but also based on feelings and perceptions helps us to understand more. The saints cannot go to the electric company and pay our bills for us in person. But, they can give us the tools we need to get the money to pay the bill or even find us a way to get there.

Saints are responsible for so much in the world. Even though we cannot touch them like we can a dog or a pillow, we can bring things into our environment that remind us that they are always there. They never really leave us and sometimes we need that reminder no matter where we are.





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