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Prized Easter Egg Hunting

Easter is on it’s way and along with the furry Easter bunny come all of the fun games like Easter Egg hunts. Children love Easter and wearing their Sunday’s best. They also love the chance to get to eat chocolate bunnies and Easter candy or sitting down to a big feast of ham or lamb.

Then we have Easter eggs. Children and adults can get engrossed in dyeing hard boiled eggs and hiding them around a big yard to have a hunt or sometimes people choose the plastic eggs to hide for Easter egg hunts instead. If you were to want to make this an extra special hunt containing prizes, then consider putting a very precious charm inside these eggs for your lucky child or children to find.

Some wonderful options for your hunt include the Celtic Trinity Silver Dangle Dancer Bead which is great for girls. It is a sterling silver bead and is perfect for all of the little girls who enjoy dancing as a hobby. Another great selection for little girls is the Silver Gold Plate Love Heart Bead which is also a sterling silver bead with a gold plate.







The next bead, the Irish Silver Music Bead, can be used for both a girl or possibly a boy. This cube-shaped bead is sterling silver with both a harp and a violin on either of two sides of the cube. As the product description indicates, the violin was used as a symbol in Ireland for centuries to signify quality in silver craftsmanship, so it has been proven as quite the musical choice for this bead.

Another bead that can be considered a great collectible for a boy would be the Dublin Castle Bead. The illustration tells it all. It would be wonderful for a boy or girl who has a relative in Ireland that they miss or love very much but can’t see very often. This charm would mean a great deal to them. It would also be a great item for one who dreams to visit Ireland someday, but yet isn’t old enough to go.







Depending on the size of your family you may want to chose several different charms, one for each child so no one feels left out. Then once you start your hunt, let the children search until they find them all, if they can. When they each pick their favorite, let them wear it with pride around their neck or wrist or let them adorn their beloved charm in a special place in their rooms for all to see.



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