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From Rays of Sunshine

It’s late spring, early summer. It’s a time where we catch plenty more of the sun’s rays than any other time of the year. We spend more time outdoors planting gardens, exercising or even working.

So what do we get from our sun’s rays in return? Plenty. We get tanner skin, blonder hair, and for those of use who are of the fairer skin variety we get many more freckles throughout life thanks to the sun’s rays. And unfortunately for most of us, we have experienced the burn of the sun.

However, there are a few pieces of ShanOre jewelry that can help capture the beauty of the sun and to help us forget the sun’s downfalls. The sun is awesome, bright and powerful and the best pieces of jewelry to wear during the summer are gold because they reflect this magnificence. It is also one incredibly hot burning piece of plasma, so anything you wear will retain it’s supreme heat.

A piece that would work well is this first one here which is the Silver Shamrock Basket Pendant. It is a mixture of sterling silver and fourteen karat gold. Much like the sun’s chemical composition, this pendant is made up of more than just one element. This necklace is a perfect tribute for the sun. It will look great when worn in the warm weather and shine beautifully under the intense sun’s rays. It is also perfectly chosen because shamrocks cannot grow without the help of the sun’s rays.









Another piece perfect for reflecting the sun’s rays is the Claddagh and Shamrock Double Disc Pendant. The claddagh is a timeless representation of Irish culture and in this pendant it is perfectly made of gold. This metal shines brilliantly in the light of the summer sun and handles the heat with the right amount of balance. The white disc behind the claddagh is a classic representation of elegance and brings a new twist to this pendant. The clovers on the white disc also represent budding life or flowers for which the sun is largely responsible for as well.










There is a great amount to be thankful for when it comes to the sun and it’s rays. Sure, it can come with some major downfalls if you don’t protect yourself from it or take it for granted, but if you are wise when you go out and remember it’s strength, the sun will reward you. Just take a look around you and you’ll see what I mean.

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