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The Littlest St. Pat

Explaining St. Patrick’s Day to your youngest ones can prove to b difficult, but it is still an interesting and important story to tell.  Adults can engross themselves in the legend of St. Patrick’s Day, but it is harder to get children excited about this patron saint’s day and why it is so special.

Starting with a brief history, there is much of St. Patrick’s life that is not available.  We do know that he was a Roman Britain-born Christian missionary and that he was captured when he was only sixteen years old by Irish raiders and taken as a slave to Ireland.  He was a slave for six years before he was able to escape and return to his family.  He entered into the church when he reunited with his family and that is when he returned to Ireland as a missionary.

When trying to impress on the significance of this holiday to children, one could start with something like the meaning of the shamrock for example.  Shamrocks are normally abundant in Ireland which make them a perfect symbol for this holiday.  They are also strongly associated with Christianity and are green all over. This is easy for children to understand and might get them excited to learn more.

What we have here is a Silver Shamrock Diamond Heart Pendant which is perfect for a young girl.  This necklace would be a ideal gift that would go along with explaining this legend and holiday.  It is a sterling silver heart with several smaller clovers inside it and a small rhinestone heart on the side of the main heart shape.










When you give this gift to a young girl explain that historically speaking, the shamrock was what St. Patrick used to explain the trinity or the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  He would do this when he tried to convert pagans to Christianity and that is why this symbol is always worn on St. Patrick’s Day.

It would be hopeful that she would then feel inspired to wear the necklace more often understanding it’s truer meaning.  One could even try the Silver Trinity Knot Diamond Enamel Pendant as a gift option which has the same message of the shamrock’s intentions of explaining Christianity or “three” things.  This pendant is made of sterling silver with a topping of green enamel.  At the center of the pendent is a single diamond.










We offer several great choices to give your young girls for the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day and hopefully you can also take this as an opportunity to explain to them the meaning behind March 17th as well.  It is with this education that the littlest St. Pat will come to grow and appreciate something truly amazing and take with them perhaps a piece that will come to signify something very meaningful throughout their entire lifetime.

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