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Resolve to Evolve; Whatever That Means For You

Have you ever heard the expression “resolve to evolve?” Well, what that can mean to you and to another is probably deeply personal.

It’s the new year, so say hooray! Well, just because the actual event itself is over, doesn’t mean that we aren’t still in a bit of a new mode.

You could resolve to be your very own best friend. What better way to learn how to be a best friend to others?
Why not buy yourself or a friend you haven’t seen in a while an early birthday present?

The new year is a great time of year. It truly is. It gives us humans an opportunity to reflect on our past 365 days of life and wonder about what went wrong and what went right. Without an ability to do this, we would never grow, never learn and never decide to make a necessary change.

Life isn’t perfect. No, it’s not. We make mistakes so we can learn from them. Each year when we are faced with a decision of what to pick for resolutions, many people choose the same things. Marketers know this is the time of year to discuss exercise, weight loss and being healthier, since these are the areas that most of us want to improve in.

My suggestion for the new year is less about weight or appearance, but more about you as a person. What do you need to do personally to evolve into a better human being? The answer to that question will be different for every person. Yet, if we commit to make even a simple change in an area of our life that is intimate and personal, I believe that it can transform us all into better people.

Family may be something you want to appreciate more. There’s no better way then with a sweet gift like this!

Have you always been a good friend to others? I mean, seriously, you ought to know the answer to that. If you have then that is great, if not, then maybe you might want to make that a part of your change. The way we treat other people is often a reflection of how we feel about ourselves on the inside. It is no surprise that when we are miserable, we treat others pretty poorly too.

I recently realized that as much as I tried, I couldn’t seem to get out of a funk. I had my reasons for it, mainly the belief that there was nothing I could to improve my situation. And after all, I had tried everything. Or had I? Eventually, I decided to put myself out there and to ask for help. I think I knew the benefits of asking outweighed the negatives of doing nothing.

It turns out, I’m relieved that I asked. It seems a few simple things have begun to make a huge difference for me. I’m glad I didn’t let fear stop me. So whatever it is that you know that you could really stand to change, why not give it a shot!

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