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Resolve to Evolve

With the New Year comes new resolutions. People commonly see the beginning of a 365 day span as a chance to start from scratch. Routine resolutions involve losing weight, getting into shape or quitting a bad habit.

However grand the idea may start out, many resolutions don’t last very long. It is not so easy to make a life change after the stroke of midnight. Many notice that changes which effect your daily life are not so easy without the right frame of mind first.

For example, one cannot lose weight without making adjustments whether drastic or small and doing them every day over a long period of time. The same goes for trying to be healthier or to stop a nasty habit like smoking or eating junk food.

So how do you make a resolution stick? Perhaps, it’s more likely that changes can occur if you decide to do something like agreeing to be more disciplined each day. You decide to do this so you will make better decisions in general. This way a goal can actually be met once it is proposed.

If you have a large project in mind, make yourself dedicated to doing small parts of it each day. For instance, someone writing a novel can feel overwhelmed at the thought of writing an entire book. But, if you commit to writing close to one thousand words, or even five hundred per day for as long as you need to, you may find your book gets written much faster.

If you want to lose twenty pounds, rather than restrict everything you eat, try cutting out something that is particularly fattening or high in calories out of your diet each day. It’s these small steps that help in reaching a goal and allow for most people to succeed in life. Sure, it isn’t instantaneous, but most worthy things take time despite how many people try to sell you on short term gains with little effort.

Finally, make a ritual for yourself whether it’s calling a friend to go exercise with you or writing your weight down once a week so you don’t get sloppy. Try to keep a reminder around for why you are doing what you are doing.

Wearing a triquetra or trinity knot around your neck like this one can help you stick to your purpose.  You can give this to a loved one who is trying to make a healthy change as a powerful symbol. The trinity knot represents things that are interconnected yet separate. It also signifies something that is endless. This symbol can help whoever you care for to achieve that goal or dream of theirs!

14K Yellow Gold Trinity Knot Diamond Set Pendant 14P688

I keep an image of an infant I instruct on my refrigerator. It encourages and motivates me to move when I need to get work done or to help me get out of the door every day. It’s a small thing, but his face generates the feeling inside of me as to why I need to do my job and how it is important.

Surround yourself with reminders and encouragement. This way it will be impossible not to achieve what you want!

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