The Results Are In: Here's Your Favorite Irish Things!

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The Results Are In: Here’s Your Favorite Irish Things!

We knew we could count on you, our Shanore blog readers, to help us out, and you did! Go raibh maith agaibh! We appreciate your cooperation in our highly (un)scientific survey to determine your very favorite Irish things.

The results show that you have impeccable, if somewhat varied, taste. We knew that, of course.

Your favorite Irish symbol is the Trinity knot, which makes complete sense.  It means so many different things to different people, how could it lose?  Also, it is beautiful with its unending lines.  And you’re also very romantic people, with the Claddagh in a close second place.

The Cliffs of Moher have very narrowly edged out Blarney Castle as the place you most want to visit, but no worries.  You can easily see both as they are just a hundred miles apart, less than three hours by car.  The results show you clearly trust the Blarney Stone more than a pint of Guinness to enhance your conversational skills, and who could argue with that?  Certainly not anyone who owns a B & B in Munster.

You’ve heard it before and now our survey proves it.  Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  And you are not settling for half measures – it is the full Irish you’re after.  We expect the jaws of mothers throughout Dublin are clenching at the thought of only three percent of you chose coddle as your favorite Irish dish, but at least you’ll eat your colcannon so you might grow up to be big and strong anyway.  (But let’s face, everyone’s favorite dish when the survey isn’t anonymous is whatever Mother puts in front of you.  Or else.)

We did say already that you are a romantic bunch, and Ireland has plenty of castles to chose from for your dream wedding.  Happily, you won’t be fighting it out to get the same one.  Ashford Castle in Mayo has captured the hearts of more than a third of you, but all of the options did well and got more than 10%.  It is a tough choice, isn’t it?  Why not take a honeymoon tour of Ireland and visit them all?

Lads, you might want to look to Liam Neeson for inspiration if you want to impress the ladies.  We have a sneaking suspicion about which half of our survey participants picked him as their favorite Irish person.  Pierce Brosnan’s second place finish does show a clear preference for dashing Irishmen.  Uh, Bono, dust yourself off man.  Eventually everyone will forgive and forget that last album promotion.

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