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Here is the Right Ring

Finding the right ring to bring into an engagement can be a grueling task. There seem to be so many choices, worries about if she will like it and most of all, the overall quality of the product is a key concern when shopping around.

If you are going to make a big purchase on a ring, you might want to see to it that the ring is many-sided.

For beginners, the ring needs to be heartfelt. Picking a band that is a Claddagh mount shows sincerity and depth. The Claddagh is an ideal way to show her that you view her as a friend, as someone you love and as someone who you want to be connected to for a long time.

Most females will get this representation since many relationships build up over time. You may have started out as classmates or neighbors and from there, your love grew. What a lovely way to show this!

See this Claddagh Mount in beautiful white gold fitted for a round jewel.


Now, you may be asking why just a mount? For a perfect and very personalized ring, having a band that is truly symbolic is a great first step. You may even hesitate on making an offer without a stone. However, it might be quite a romantic moment if you present her with the band and slip something inside the box.

Maybe you can give her a list of stones to choose from. You can even include a love poem like this one:

“When She Held Me in Her Arms”

Through a market, I wandered and prayed
That I’d find me a woman I might marry some day.
Well, I never dreamed when I prayed that prayer
That the woman I longed for was standing there.

When she held me in her arms that night,
I held her close, and held her tight
And I swore that day forth, I’d love her all of me life.
When she held me in her arms that night.

She smelled of the sweetest lilac skin.
And I admit it now it drew me in
Oh, how her voice cast a spell I could not disobey
Every word was a river that swept me away.

Oh, the market became a more beautiful place:
The flowers more fragrant, and the clothing all lace.
And her eyes, oh, her eyes! They begged me to stay
And twenty years later, I’ve not regretted a day.

If after reading this, she still has a dry eye, then let her know you wanted her to have a say in her ring. It was not an issue of finance or preparedness that a stone was not present, but tell her you found a great band that was the beginning of the perfect ring for her. The next step needed her help. Make sure you make it happen soon after the band or it may not come together as it should. If you take your time and utter sincerely, your proposal is sure to be a great win!

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