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Romantic Movies Set in Ireland to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Looking for a quiet Valentine’s Day celebration? Well, romantic movies set in Ireland is your answer!

Ask any old-school romantic what a perfect Valentine’s Day looks like, and they will tell you the following: a special date night in an elegant restaurant, with a fine bottle of wine, flowers, and a fancy box of chocolates. And to be fair, that is tried and true.

But what to do if you want something quieter? What if you, like the person writing this blog, happen to have your loved one traveling abroad? How can you have a great Valentine’s time while enjoying the coziness of your home? Well, romantic movies set in Ireland is your answer!

So here is a curation of ten of our favorite movies screened in Ireland to watch this 14th of February. Whether you are a single soul – like this writer – two love birds, or just someone with a love of Ireland, these movies are a great choice.

Wild Mountain Thyme (2020)

Comedy/Romance, 1h 42m

Rosemary Muldoon, a determined farmer, is decided to win the love of her neighbor Anthony Reilly. The trouble is that Anthony appears to have inherited a family curse and is clueless about his lovely admirer. Anthony wants to pursue his goal to sell the family farm, leading the star-crossed lovers to become entangled in their family’s land dispute.

Sing Street (2016)

Music/Drama, 1h 46m

Dublin 1985, everyone is unemployed, and many people are crossing the Irish Sea in the hopes of a brighter sky. That is when Conor, sixteen, and his classmates turn to rock ‘n’ roll to escape domestic strife and impress an enigmatic girl.

Brooklyn (2015)

History/Drama, 1h 52m

Eilis Lace emigrates from Ireland to the United States, drawn by the promise of the American dream. She arrives in Brooklyn in the 1950s, where she rapidly falls in love with a local. And as the new romance sweeps Eilis into the charm of love, her early chains of homesickness fade away. However, when her past catches up and she needs to choose between two countries and the lives they hold.

Leap Year (2010)

Comedy/Romance, 1h 40m

Anna decides to take the matter into her own hands when another anniversary goes by without her fiancé popping the question. She then decides to follow him on a trip to Dublin and ask her sweetheart to marry her on February 29th. Anna knows about an ancient Irish tradition that “allows” women to propose on that day. However, the future holds another fate, and Anna finds herself falling in love with a charming but aloof Irishman.

P.S. I Love You (2007)

Drama/Comedy, 2h 6m

Holly Kennedy is a young widow who lost the love of her life to an illness. Before his death, however, her husband prepared a coping plan, as he knew how difficult it would be for Holly. The widow discovers a series of ten messages from her late spouse. Each letter helps Holly ease her grief and inspires her to move on.

Once (2006)

Musical/Drama, 1h 26m

Glen works as a vacuum repairman who also performs as a street singer in the hope of landing his big break. One day Maketa, who sells flowers for a living, approaches him and confines that she, like him, is an aspiring singer-songwriter. Together, they write, rehearse, and record songs that tell their love story during an exciting week in Dublin.

Far and Away (1992)

Drama/Romance, 2h 20m

Joseph and Shannon, emigrate from Ireland to the United States, hoping to claim free land in Oklahoma. Arriving in Boston, the duo deviates from their track, and Joseph takes up boxing to support himself. The two are left with no money when he loses a crucial fight. Now facing poverty, they’ll have to think of new strategies to get by.

The Quiet Man (1952)

Drama, 2h 9m

Boxer Sean Thornton accidentally kills an opponent in the ring. The misfortune drives him to leave America and return to his birth village in Ireland. Sean falls in love with Mary Kate, a fiery redhead whose brother disapproves of their relationship.

Ready for a Sobbing Valentine’s Day?

So, are you excited to binge-watch the most romantic movies set in Ireland this Valentine’s? Here a nice bottle of wine and some fancy chocolates awaits. And if you decided to have a quieter Valentine’s Day and watch one of these movies, let us know in the comments below.

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