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Rules of Ireland’s Roads: Give Way to Cows!

If you’re looking for the quintessential Irish experience during your next visit, you may not be able to seek it out yourself. While you choose to pose with a Guinness in a cool dive bar or to hike up the sea cliffs, in Ireland, the cows choose you. It is not uncommon to be winding down a country road on your way to beers or hiking and come up on white and black spotted roadblocks. Because cows must be milked twice a day, they must be herded from the farm to the parlor. And what can you do if you’re stopped by cows? Wait. Some Irish call them the “supermodels of the bovine world,” sauntering along at their own pace for you to view and admire.

Rules of Ireland’s Roads: Give Way to Cows! | A Trip to Ireland.

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