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Run Away for a Holiday

If you have plans to come to Ireland for a holiday or visit, then it would be wise to make plans to stay somewhere that is distinctly Irish. Yes, Ireland has the typical hotel and motel chains. They even have B&Bs. The one structure that Ireland has that you may not be able to find anywhere else is Medieval castles.

What is even more exciting is that many of these historic castles are available for staying in and calling home, even if only for a time. Fanningstown Castle is a beautiful twelfth-century adobe that you can reserve for you and up to nine of your closest friends.

The beautiful gray stone structure that confronts you will bring a feeling of having stepped back in time to the Middle Ages. This era in history is noted for tremendous changes when governments and lands like Ireland struggled tirelessly to achieve some kind of independent description. Two very divergent tides collided with the cultural ideals of regional people and their confidence in displaying it more openly coming under attack by worldly and often oppressive forces. The displays that cropped up were often artistic or religious expressions.  Many remainders of that time consist of structures like castles, musical tunes, prose and foods.

If you are staying at Fanningstown, then great local food is what you will get! The castle retains a four star caterer for up to ten guests. This means that you can enjoy fresh seafood off of the coast like lobsters, fresh fish or mussels. You could also enjoy more traditional foods like Irish stew or Guinness pie.

The kitchen in the castle has retained it’s original terracotta flooring, but is also equipped with modern day devices for cooking and storage. And if the weather is pleasant, there is outdoor patio seating for eating and even a gas grill to cook fresh-caught fish, local meats or vegetables.

When it comes to the nighttime, you can be sure to retire in class. There are several rooms with extravagant queen or twin beds. Most of them overlook the peaceful and serene garden on the property.

For activities, aside form eating, sleeping and relaxing, there are several outdoor enjoyments available. If you like to fish, there is private fishing experience awaiting for visitors at the river Maigue. Not only that, but the fish you catch can be a treat cooked for dinner later on in your stay.

Animal lovers can enjoy horseback riding or racing. There is also an opportunity to shoot at clay pigeons for those who want to test their reflexes! If you have the time, the resources and the guests on standby, feel free to contact Fanningstown Castle for more information.

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