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Saint Nicholas’s Last Stop Was Ireland

Hey Santa Claus! Here comes Santa Claus! Who doesn’t love Santa Claus?

If there is one well-known fact about Christmas it is that it is a very magical time of the year. Christmas time is a period where even the least hopeful types somehow manage to muster a small amount of optimism. I’m not sure if it is just for the betterment of children or maybe even each adult hides somewhere inside of themselves a nostalgic memory of the great saint.

As children, most of us are told about Sana Claus. We are encouraged to be very good because if we aren’t, Santa may not bring us any gifts. And most of us are aware that Santa might even leave us a stocking full of coal if we misbehave. So, most of us find that incentive enough to be on our best behavior.

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Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

The truth is that this saint for which the holiday is honored, had little to do with giving coal to people. More often than not, he brought relief to those in need. Legend also claims that his remains were found and eventually buried in Ireland.

In the town, Newtown Jerpoint, is where the remains of Saint Nicholas of Myra are claimed to be. On a piece of land, there is a church and a the graveyard where he is eternally resting. St. Nicholas of Myra is lauded for performing many miracles while he was alive. His innate wealth did not once hinder his immense generosity. Among some of the stories that he performed are amazing tales of resurrection for people who were brutally slaughtered. As one story goes, a butcher while trying to make money during a time of famine, managed to kill three people either children or travelers who stayed near his home.

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Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

Saint Nicholas was able to see through the man and his crimes. And because of this, the innocent victims were brought back to life by Nicholas. Another story states that a man had three daughters who he feared would never marry and would therefore be assumed to be prostitutes due to a lack of finances. It was claimed that Saint Nicholas heard of this despair and under the veil of the night, he visited this man’s home and left three bags of money for each of the daughters so they would not have to live in shame

Among some of Saint Nicholas’s talents was his reputation for leaving gifts. And thus, that is what Saint Nicolas became most well-known for doing. He is forever tied as the saint who makes gift-giving at Christmas even possible. And he also will always remain in the republic of Ireland.


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