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Say Hello to Summer with Gold

Summertime is a great time of year for fashion. It reallygold2 is the ideal period to highlight your best features. Mostly, this is achieved by wearing clothes that are sophisticated, unique yet still sexy. The trick is combining the two and knowing how.

Some ladies think less is more and cover too little, while some cover too much or the wrong places. However, a woman’s body looks much better when she leaves parts of it veiled and allows others to be seen. If you have a great pair of legs, then wear a cute summer skirt, while being careful not to wear a halter. If you have great shoulders, wear a one-shoulder shirt which should do wonders for you. Be careful to pair it with a pair of cool pants or capris instead of shorts or a skirt.

That’s right folks. It’s all about highlighting and accentuating the positive while trying not to bring attention to the negative. A great way to get the best parts of you noticed
is to use a fabulous hue. That is why gold is my favorite pick for this month. When I think of summer, I see sun rays and bright skies. Gold just naturally fits here. It is sparkly, bright and neutral. In other words, it goes with pretty much anything you might already have.

For some fantastic ideas start with Dolce & Gabbana. They have a great black top ready to wear with a golgold1d medal in the center. This is nice for the lady who doesn’t want too much gold, but appreciates what it can do for her.  Check the top out here.

Another outstanding place to check out is Ralph Lauren. They did some incredible designing for this season using the color gold. See this link here from Ralph Lauren’s fashion week in New York.

Lauren has showcased entire outfits using gold from tops, to pants and even glamorous-looking gowns. The melding of such fine and sheer materials with a gold-like hue makes a perfect sentiment. It adds femininity and class to whatever you have on.goldcladd

Finally, what makes wearing the color gold even more enjoyable is the idea that you can pair your favorite gold gems with them and your outfit will be completely in sync. For those who are looking for the right amount of shimmer on their hands, try this gold claddagh with diamond set cuffs. It makes such an elegant statement with a shiny metal that signifies, love, loyalty and friendship.

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