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Say It With Silver

Springtime is the time of year where romance is in the air and many couples are considering popping the ever elusive question of, “will you marry me?” Now, it doesn’t really matter if you are Irish or not, the engagement rings we have here at ShanOre are just stunning and are of such excellent and hand-crafted quality that any woman would be lucky to be bestowed with one.

Whether your plans involve an intimate proposal with just the two of you or if it involves a larger group of people, it is important that you put much thought into the ring that you buy. Today it is very common for couples to purchase bands made of white gold or for the purpose of this article what I termed as “silver.” It isn’t actual sterling silver as the title may lead you to believe, but it is actually white gold and is most appropriate for the woman who wears mainly items of jewelry that are in the sterling silver family. She will most likely appreciate a ring that is made of white gold versus the traditional fourteen karat yellow gold.

The reasons for this is are simple. We women pair our jewelry to match. Men who are more sophisticated may already know this fact, but some surprisingly are unaware. It is typically not ideal for a woman to wear gold earrings and silver bracelets or rings. We typically like to match the gold earrings to gold bracelets and the same would go for rings. So if your prospective partner has more silver jewelry than she does gold, purchasing an engagement ring in white gold would be a great bet.

It is oftentimes hard to chose especially when a woman has equal parts gold and silver pieces in her jewelry collection. A man may have a hard time deicing on what metal to lean toward. In that case, consider which pieces she wears most often. Does she wear her silver earrings most often and her gold earrings rarely? Or does she wear gold mostly and silver only sometimes? Women tend to stick to some form of pattern with their jewelry choices, so if you are proposing, chances are you have had a chance to observe her jewelry choices and how often she wears which pieces. If you are still unsure have a friend ask her a simple question or you can even assess her personality or yours by visiting a website such as the American Gem Society. If the results come back to white gold, then read on.

A perfect selection for a white gold engagement ring is the Celtic solitaire diamond 14k white gold ring round cut. This ring is a very delicate piece being that it not too thick comparatively to some of the other choices. It has trinity knot shoulders on the ring on to which the diamond nearly sets in the center. Women with petite frames or hands would like this ring and it comes from the Darina white gold collection.










Another great choice to say it with “silver” or white gold would be with the Claddagh Celtic solitaire diamond 14k white gold engagement ring round cut. This ring has a mythical Claddagh and Celtic knot pattern inscribed around the entire ring side. In the center of the ring is the round cut diamond. This ring has a very intricate feel and would be very suitable for a woman who likes history and detail in her jewelry. This piece comes from the Colleen collection.










Finally, we have the Celtic engagement ring 14k gold solitaire princess cut diamond. This ring is perfect for the woman who would love a solitaire cut on her ring or a square shape instead of a circular cut which many women love nowadays. There are trinity love knots on either side of the diamond and the smooth finish of the gold glistens perfectly with the lines of this ring. to add a little extra special each love knit has extra tiny diamonds embedded inside them which give the ring an added touch.










An engagement ring is a once in a lifetime purchase and is not one to take lightly. By taking the right steps and precautions, you will be making the best and most informed choice if you observe your future bride to be and what she likes most and instead of being surprised by the ring selection, she might only be surprised by the proposal itself.

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