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The Scariest Monsters From Celtic Mythology

You may not know that some of the scariest creatures in horror stories actually originated from Celtic mythology. For example, the vampire horror Dracula was created by Irishman Bram Stoker. Though, he may have gotten the idea from the tale of Dearg-due, a female vampire who rises once a year from the grave to suck the blood out of helpless victims. Another classic monster is the headless horseman, or in Celtic language The Dullahan. The terrifying headless man is said to throw blood on the victims he chooses, and when his horse comes to a halt the person drops dead. And the Dullahan story has a partner, the Banshee, who is said to ride with him and whip their horses with human spines. Creepy, crawly and Irish, see the full list of horrific monsters below.

The scariest monsters and demons from Celtic mythology –

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