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Scent of an Ireland Valentine

So, you say that you love Ireland? Perhaps you reside somewhere else and you want to be reminded of your favorite place when you are away.

Or maybe you met your sweetie on Irish turf or spent special time there with her by your side. How would you choose to remember your time there?

We have photos of special times that we can use to reminisce, however, one great way to take a walk down nostalgia lane is to use our noses. Our olfactory sense is at work all of the time whether we realize it or not. Oftentimes we know that we are hungry because we smell something appetizing cooking, We can also attribute special memories to the places where we were when we experienced them just by experiencing a smell from that area.

Ireland has a variety of smells that you might not experience anywhere else. If you spent time walking through pretty gardens while you were there, then getting that scent in a perfume or spray can actually elicit the memory in your mind. And you might really want this if the memory was a pleasant or romantic one.

There are several perfumeries in Ireland that carry various scents and perfumes. Letting them know what kind of fragrance you are looking for can help you in your quest. A few to try are Fragrances of Ireland and the Burren Perfumery.

Or if you want to do something a little different you can research the classes of flowers found in the country. Some you might come across are forget-me-nots, poppies, and vervain. Vervain has a citrus-like smell that can be associated with citronella. Retaining a candle that smells of vervain can remind you of the fields of Ireland when you light it in your home.

Forget me nots are a pleasant flower. Some say it is hard to describe the scent, but it is one that you can forget. People find themselves smelling it repetitively in order to embrace it. And if that doesn’t work, you can use a story about how this flower originated.

According to legend a knight and his maiden were walking along and the knight was carrying a bouquet of flowers. The knight fell into water because of his cumbersome armor and when he landed he shouted at his lady,”forget me not.”

There are several ways to go when it comes to being romantic with your lady love this Valentine’s Day. If you want to be original, creative and bring a unique approach to your gift giving, then a special scent might do the trick nicely!


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