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In Search of the Best Proposal?

Dear Ladies,

May I start off this article by saying, I hope when you decide to get married that you do so only after someone proves to you just how much they love you.

There is no need to rush or worry about this, but it is much easier said then done.

Yes, yes. I am very keen of the pressures that accompany females today. It’s hard and brutally so to be available sometimes. Also, it’s tough to follow intuition when it comes to picking the right guy. Eventually though, we all hopefully get to that point where we worry less about what others think about us and concentrate more about what is right for us.

Enter a great guy. (Ironic, right?) And he may enter in any which way. After this, a woman may find herself in the center of a proposition. Funny that most of the time, these occurrences come totally unplanned.

I’m not sure what your449 stance is on public proposals out there in cyberspace. I guess everyone has their opinion. I have seen all sorts. I’ve seen them at sporting events to inside big crowds or even at shopping malls. Needless to say, they did not always go well.

On the other hand, I have seen my fair share of decent public proposals as well. My thought to anyone considering doing this would be to think rationally, get help and plan it well.  Notice in the video that the female was offered a lollipop ring first, which she said yes to. That was really cute, but a man definitely needs to offer something more at a proposal like this Celtic engagement ring in white or yellow gold.

I get it. A marriage proposal is an exciting thing. Everyone wants to know the plan or details. Before you know it, the events take on a life of it’s own. However, there are ways to make it go smoothly.

In this St. Patrick’s Day surprise, it seems file0001217574586 (1)the great guy in question did lots of planning. He apparently enlisted the help of friends and acquaintances who kept our bride to be in the right spot, stimulated and totally unsuspecting.

By the time he did pop up, I could see that she was truly surprised. Thankfully, that expression was not followed by a negative one. She seemed genuinely interested in her beau and happy.

Since this proposal happened on St. Patrick;s Day, it was no big shock that there were plenty of people willing to lend a hand. They even had their own chants. (Enter the chorus of, “she said yes!”) I guess when you get that many people in one area to celebrate Ireland, it’s pretty easy for them to support something great. I wish that whatever the result, that the woman who was proposed to remembers that day for being truly original.

Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

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