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See Seafood in Ireland

If you want to experience good, fresh seafood in Ireland, than you may not have too look very far from any coastline.

Unlike the most traditional Irish foods like soda bread, corned beef and cabbage or colcannon, travelers in Ireland can partake in a particularly distinct ` variety of seafood.

What does good seafood exist of in Ireland, you may wonder? This is not the place to find lobsters per se, but surprisingly there are places to get a fresh lobster in the country. Ireland is surrounded by sea and ocean entirely so the seafood they do receive is usually quite fresh. The lobsters in Ireland are likely to be Norway lobsters otherwise known as langostinos.

Langostino do not like what you picture when you think of typical lobsters. If you imagine the portrait of an American lobster while ordering in Ireland, you will be a bit disappointed since these creatures are much smaller in size and even a different color. Langostino actually stands for “little lobster” in Spanish.

A great restaurant to try out if you are craving seafood, including a great langostino, is Out of the Blue in Dingle Co. Kerry. It is a perfect place to go. They are not open until March 2015, so winter travelers will be out of luck. Their menu consists of chowder, oysters, mussels and various other seafoods. Their motto is, “Meat Lovers Needn’t Come By,” as they cater for those who are strictly seafood eaters.

The location for Out of the Blue is on the coast of the Northern Atlantic. They have also routinely been featured in many lists that rank the top one hundred restaurants in Ireland. The inside of the location is quaint with tables that are close in appearance to that of your own kitchen table at home. Pictures line the walls from themes of seascapes to florals. They add a warmth and color to the walls.

Depending on your view from inside the restaurant, you may be seated in a small corner to enjoy an intimate meal or you might be placed in a more colorful area of the restaurant. Alternating walls are painted in bold colors that play off of the wooden paneled floors and neutral tones of the furniture.

When the weather is nice, Out of the Blue has picnic tables available for dining outside. Formal diners can eat indoors as it is a bit more sophisticated. You can partake in a light meal of a salad and chowder or opt for a plate of langostino. It is entirely up to you, but it seems that it will not be a decision that you will ever regret when looking for great seafood in Ireland.

For a variety of views of Dingle, including the coastline, check out this video below.


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