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September Wedded Bliss

It is a rough estimate that about fourteen percent of weddings occur in the month of September. Reasons vary from people who want to avoid the summer months that get bombarded with wedding plans and bookings to more open availability later on in the year. Also, sometimes people choose a particular month for a reason.

Perhaps, September means something important to the couple getting married. Maybe they met in September or one of them has a birthday or important date in the month. Or sometimes it can be a matter of the Labor Day holiday in the U.S. as giving others an ideal time to get together and to take time off from work.

Whatever the reason, it is a popular month and even by old Irish tradition an old adage claimed that avoiding weddings during the summer was important. The writer claimed,”Marry in September’s shine, your living will be rich and fine.” And who would not want to be either of those two things in wedded bliss?

For September and in order to secure a rich and fine future, no less than a stunning engagement ring would do the trick. Since we are talking about the fall season, we are involving deep colors and more complex and luxurious themes to add to a wedding in or outside of Ireland. An engagement ring with a sapphire is the way to proceed for a fall wedding and no doubt the perfect symbol for a September wedding since it is also the birthstone for this month.

The symbolism behind the blue jewel are ones that any sane person would want for their beginning nuptials such as truth, virtue and spiritual protection. Most specifically an engagement ring of this kind could possibly bring to a marriage clarity, stability, wisdom and the serene.  Consider this oval sapphire and diamond Celtic trinity 14k yellow and white gold three stone ring as the ring for your fall engagement.










This ring is an absolute masterpiece connecting several different elements that make it the perfect ring for your soon to be bride. We know already how important the amazing blue sapphire is sitting center. However, it is not to be outdone by two very brilliant diamonds on either side of it. As if that weren’t enough, the ring incorporates the trinity knot design which inspires a great amount of devotion for and from the intended recipient of this ring. It is two toned in both 14k gold and sterling silver for those who like both metals so it is a ring that surely cannot go wrong. Finally, it is engraved with Shanore’s inscription inside the ring showing that it is truly a unique, handcrafted piece.

For those looking for wedded bliss in the month of September, this is a ring which will make your fiancee happy indeed and will forever remind you both of the month you tied the knot since the September birthstone is a beautiful reminder.

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