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Settle Nicely Into Fall

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Fall is coming up. Right now, we have the few, simple days left of summer. We can absorb and relax into this time before the leaves begin to turn and the warmth gives way to cooler temps. Which reminds me, most girls like to stock up on a few necessities before the seasons change so they can be ready to go.  What do you think you would get if you looked into the closets of your female friends right now?

Well, you might see many sundresses, sleeveless shirts and skirts that are thin and airy. But, we girls know that our clothes will be the first reminders of when the seasons have started to change. They will no longer be providing us with warmth to a faint chill in the air. It is best not to wait until that moment to make sure you have proper coverage.

A good way to do this is to do a little bit of investigating into the fashion trends that have already been secured and planned. Take a look here at Elle’s picks for the latest ideas for this fall. That is right, it helps to sneak a peak at what the designers will be offering. This means there will not be much of a surprise when you arrive at a clothing store and you see something a bit new or offbeat.

This silver, green CZ pendant is great for fall jewelry. It is a larger stone and sparkly like many of the accessories that will be making their way into the stores. It will be one way that you can match your style with that of your family.

Personally, I like to view the styles in advance so I can get a good idea of what to expect. I usually decide pretty quickly what things I would like to give a try. I also determine what fashion trends I will be just as happy about watching other people wear. I am a pretty classic and fixed person when it comes to style. I like my clothes to have a timelessness to them. I also want them to be the kinds of things that I would never look back on and feel anything but content about. Although fashion tending is a nice idea, it is only as good as the desire behind it. If you aren’t feeling a style, then don’t wear it.

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There’s always next year and with that will be a whole slew of new concepts that are awaiting for you. My best is advice in regards to style and new arrivals is to take your time and try to let the outfits speak to your persona. If they make you feel good or happy, then give them a shot. If you try to fit into something that just isn’t you, then you might as well pass on it. Either way, conservative or not, I think everyone should open their minds to what’s hot in clothes every season they hit the runways. No matter who you are, something is bound to peak your interest. And part of what is so great about life, is living it to the fullest.

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