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The Shapes of Ireland

Ireland has several shapes that are exclusively their own. Take the shape of a heart to begin with; many people use hearts and associate them with certain things, but not necessarily an entire country. In fact, when I mention the shapes of Ireland, what images pop into your mind?

A very prime and focal example of an Irish shape would be a shamrock. No other country stakes a claim to it. And because the shamrock is explicitly a symbol that represents Ireland, we here at Shanore make beautiful examples of them with our jewelry. Here is a Stone Set Shamrock Pendant that is made of sterling silver and encased in each leaf is a lovely emerald-colored stone. Green is the color associated with shamrocks and this necklace is one that is sure to show your Irish spirit!









There are also trinity knots which are pointedly associated with the Celtic regions. The trinity knot is a symbol that holds much spiritual and religious meaning. However, when you see one or wear one, it can take on whatever meaning you want it to take. It represents something that is endless or fluid. Whether you want to signify a love that is undying or a bond with your family that you wish to go on for eternity, a trinity knot is the ideal token to choose.

Another shape worth discussing are crosses. They are good examples of contours that come to take on a different meaning when you regard the ones known in Irish culture. Since Ireland has many crosses that stand tall as monuments or are historical emblems, it is apparent that the cross is taken rather seriously in Ireland. That is because, as has been discussed on this blog, as well as other places that specialize in Irish history, so much passion and effort was put into moving religion into the area. Many lives were lost all for the sake of a higher being.

It may not be significant to you, but many people have ancestors or people with whom they knew who suffered for that cause. And although crosses can be common figures in many different parts of the world, they take on a special meaning in Ireland.

Whichever of the above motifs you choose, you cannot go wrong because they all have rare and poignant meanings to the folks in Ireland.  And although they are all unique in their connotations and histories, it is best to pick the proper one depending on the statement you wish to make.

One thing is for certain here. And that is that all of these objects have a memorable place saved in the hearts of Irish culture!




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