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Off Shoulder Knowhow

This summer it is getting hot! The weather is not going to be gentle for those of us who like to look our best. It takes finesse to coordinate an outfit with this balmy climate. Pulling it off with minimal effort while still looking absolutely glamorous is a job in itself!


This summer, let your body work for you.
And the part that is most likely to work for you with minimum effort are your shoulders.

This look is totally feminine and completely sexy without revealing too much. For conservatives and more flamboyant people alike, this look can work wonders.

Harper’s Bazaar did a story on five, off-the-shoulder tops all for under $100. It was not surprising to see horizontal stripes making their mark. Floral patterns, romantic and flowy-stitched, peasant looks all made their way into these classic shirts too.

A basic item for your closet could be the basic, white, off-the-shoulder blouse for those blistery hot summer months.  Boston Proper has an off-white, standard look seen here for less than $5o.


This style is as perfectly understated or as embellished as you want it to be. It may be the outfit to reserve for after-work events, however, a jacket or blazer may be worn over it during your nine to five. Then once out the door, you can slip your jacket off and strap on a pair of stylish heels or sandals and enjoy the sunset or possibly a margarita with friends.

Giving your body the chance to hang such a fine shirt on it with few to little details leaves maximum room for you to add a beautiful pendant or bracelet to really make it stand out.



For this look here, a necklace like the silver stone set trinity diamond pendent would be ideal. The length of such necklaces can make pairing them with outfits a bit of a mystery. However, with the off-the-shoulder look, there is a wide length between the bottom of the jaw to the top line of the tee. This means you can play it up with a bigger or longer-hanging necklace.

A smaller necklace might work as well, but on this occasion, it is best to work with what you have. And what you have in this look is alot of skin in the decollete area to impress with.

Whenever one has this much room to improvise, it is always a good idea to take out any piece of jewelry that will make a statement. With the elemental look of these tops, it is crucial to add some personal flare of your own with a piece that makes the outfit go from standard to rockin’.


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