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Sp-Ring is in the Air

Spring is fast approaching now and fairly soon the ice and snow will all be melting and the leaves will all be turning green again. After that then plants will start to blossom and flowers will start to bloom once more. People will start to come out of hiding from their winter respites and enjoy the warming weather, the longer days and the nice sunshine.

For many couples in love or in long term commitments, spring is a wonderful time of year to take a leap of faith or to make things official. For all of the reasons that I have just listed, the season of spring has many philosophical meanings that may make it the perfect time of year to consider purchasing an engagement ring and popping the question.

For starters, spring is considered the season of renewal or rebirth. Everything is new, fresh and clean.  Take a look outside after the long dreary winter. Doesn’t it seem like the air seems a bit fresher, the sky a bit clearer, and when the birds chirp for the first time in a long while doesn’t it seem all too nice to hear?

That is because spring reminds us of what has been missing. Winter takes it all away when we are deprived through the slow fall and long winter. However, when spring comes back around, everything is ready just as it was every year before and it is a welcomed relief. If we heard and saw these things every day for all the days of our life, we certainly would not appreciate them as much as we do.

So spring brings color to our lives and our relationships. Fortunately, we have engagement rings that feature some of those colors as well. Gone are the days of just standard diamond rings for marriage proposals and wedding rings. However, we still have the very traditional styles as well.

For someone who is truly hip to spring style, they may appreciate an added color in their engagement ring. The Oval Ruby and Diamond Celtic Trinity 14K Yellow and White Gold 3 Stone is a gorgeous ring. If your girlfriend loves rubies and the color red this would be an amazing choice for her. The ring is available in both yellow or white gold. It has a Celtic trinity knot on either side of the ring and also features two diamonds.










There is also a very classic choice that is certain not to fail and that is the Celtic Solitaire ring 14k white gold princess cut diamond.  This ring also has the feature of the Celtic trinity knot on either side of the central diamond although the central stone is a princess cut not oval. This ring comes in white gold.










Spring is in the air for all the lovers out there young and older so this is the perfect time to consider making a fresh start with an engagement ring from our collection whether with a shot of dazzling color or not.



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