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Some Very Special Stocking Stuffers for Your Little Princess

A daughter is a proof that big things do come in small packages, and at some ages they really do want the moon and stars.  A bit too big for dressing up in princess costumes, but a bit too young for fine jewelry is not an easy stage – especially when she really does love all things precious and pretty.

If that sounds like your darling daughter, it might be time to purchase some starter jewelry, real enough for a big girl but age-appropriate and sweet.  Here are Shanore’s top three suggestions for Christmas gifts that are just right for your wee princess.

  • Start a charm bracelet tradition now, and it can grow to be something she treasures for life. For the first year, you can purchase a bracelet and one charm to get her started.  A simple shamrock, tricolor Irish flag or map of Ireland charm are great ones to start her collection with.  She can add more charms to mark different events, and you can continue the tradition of giving her a new Irish charm every Christmas.  The charm of this for you is that you aren’t left struggling for a new idea every year!DaughterCharm
  • Does your darling girl love Irish dance? It is a fun and healthy tradition, and it has remained popular since Riverdance captured hearts around the world before your little girl was even born.  Shanore’s Little Miss line of children’s jewelry includes both pendants and charms featuring Irish dance shoes adorned with a wee trinity knot on the toes.  The delicately crafted shoes dangle from a silver shamrock set with a sparkling diamond.  Both the pendant and the charm are available in green or pink.
  • A heart filled with shamrocks is a delightful symbol of both love of Ireland and love of your daughter. The Little Miss collection also includes a sweet silver heart pendant with green enamel shamrocks inside the outline of the heart and a second little heart perched on the edge of the larger heart and set with a twinkling diamond.  Shamrocks and hearts are a lovely combination visually because the leaves of the shamrock are heart shaped, and of course, both symbols are enormously popular with all ages.  This sweet shamrock design is also available as a charm.DaughterShamrock

You know best what suits your daughter (or niece or granddaughter or god-daughter), and these are only a few suggestions.  Maybe you have a connection to Galway, and the Claddagh has deep meaning for your family.  Or perhaps you have travelled to Ireland and have wonderful memories of another place that is represented among the Tara’s Diary beads such as Newgrange, the Blarney Stone or the Ha’penny Bridge, and a necklace and one starter bead would be more fitting than a charm bracelet.

The big day is coming very soon, and if you are shopping online please remember to allow adequate shipping time for yourorder to arrive.

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