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Well-Advised on Your Time in Dublin

Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

The New York Times did a piece on thirty-six hours in Dublin. In their video, the Times got visually stunning shots of the city.

They also spoke to many local business owners who gave their own insights into what Dublin was like and how they try to impart an impact with their establishments.


See the video below on thirty-six hours in Dublin by the New York Times.

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Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

The number one topic discussed was no surprise because as most people know, when they travel, they likely look forward to trying the local food. On average, vacationers spend anywhere from $200 to $600 a week on food. Some big spenders might allocate more, but most people will admit that they like the idea of not having to cook while on a break. Essentially, they are more than happy to permit others to do the cooking for them.

In Dublin, what you are most likely to find more than anything are modest, laid-back establishments that fit right into the local neighborhoods. Pubs and cafes are going to be frequent choices for visitors. The eateries on the video all have something unique to offer outsiders. Brother Hubbard is one local venture who makes only items from scratch. If you eat here, then you can truly say what you had to eat or drink could only be found in Dublin. They specialize in teas, coffees and drinks, as well as, baked items and café fare. Their menu mentions brunch and breakfast items, which makes me think stopping by for breakfast or lunch would be most ideal.

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Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

Forest Avenue café is another eatery that offers something divine yet completely uncommon. The owner is a husband and wife team who lay claim to the fact that their food packs a punch while not being too filling. Their menu takes from items such as seafood and wines which makes the experience offered at Forest Avenue more of an adventure in taste. They even have a residents menu and a tasting menu.  If you are there to just sample, then your meal can be suited for that occasion or you may want to sit down for a several course meal instead. They’ve got both options!

Eating in Dublin is just the tip of the iceberg and even that piece alone can make your trip there so worthwhile. Outside of that, are places to see, drinks to be had and opportunities to embrace. Whatever your thrity-six hours in Dublin looks like be sure to try a couple of the recommendations on this video. You’ll be glad that you did!






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