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Pieces for Miss

When it comes to Little Miss and summertime, there are a plethora of good experiences for her to be having. School is out and she may be in any number of activities requested by her from specific camps to family vacation. Wherever she goes, it is likely she will want something to remember it.

Little Miss is simple this way. Get her a token that can represent her life while she is young and from this part of her life. Get her something she can wear everywhere she goes and something she is excited to wear. For example, if she is a dancer, then the Silver Pink Diamond Enamel Shoe Pendant would be a perfect jewelry selection for her.










Perhaps, she is going to a camp where she will be learning more dance instruction and this pendant will serve her well or maybe she will be around her friends and this piece will just be something that expresses her individuality. I think that is what is so nice about the Little Miss category and their choices. The pendant is sterling silver and also has a diamond in it. So as well as being a symbol of something she loves dearly, it also is made of something brilliant and precious for her to treasure for a lifetime. It may also very well be the first piece of jewelry she ever receives with such weight.

However, not all girls are ballerinas, which leaves the remainder searching for something iconic to represent a piece for their beloved girls. What piece will give them as much thrill and satisfaction? If you aren’t sure, but love her dearly, try something like the Silver Celtic Trinity Diamond Bird.










This piece has a touch of Irish history, but in a not so overbearing way.  It has a small trinity knot on it and an olive branch and a dove. All of these are universal symbols of peace. A young girl who is sweet, loves animals and gets along with others would like this pendant. The bird has an eye fashioned from a diamond, so again the Little Miss gets a chance at a piece with a diamond and real substance in her collection.

Many young Little Misses are still finding their way and may not have yet identified with what it is they really enjoy doing the most in life which can make shopping for them or finding the right symbols for them even more difficult. Try not to lose hope or give up on the Little Miss who is still searching for herself. Just buy her a piece that is comforting and realize some girls take longer than others to spread their wings.

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